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Now that everyone's had the weekend to get used to Dante again, let's have a chat about Devil May Cry 5.

Dante's latest adventure, which officially launched on Friday across all platforms, focuses on the demon invasion by wannabe king Urizen. With the support of V, novice demon hunter Nero, gunsmith and all-around engineer Nico, as well as a couple of other characters, the game introduces you to the various methods of slicing and dicing before letting you do your thing.

I've just about finished the game, and all in all I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Heather had a similar good time, although she noted that the game doesn't do a great job of communicating a lot of its backstory - in a lot of ways, this is really a game for fans first and foremost, and it's on you to understand all the backstories and characters involved beforehand, because DMC 5 doesn't spend a lot of time reflecting.

That was something I rather enjoyed from Ninja Theory's DmC reboot - they fleshed out the world surprisingly well, and when I mean that, I mean in a deeper and more logical manner than you'd expect from a Devil May Cry game. Side characters like Kat and some of the demons were even fleshed out a little more, whereas DMC 5 predominately focuses on V, Nero and Dante, with a little time left over for Nico and Griffon, V's pet crow.

But those are smaller gripes, if anything. DMC 5 is still fun as hell, thanks to the fluidity of the combat and some truly over-the-top, hilariously absurd set pieces. It's not as tight or as neatly put together as Ninja Theory's reboot, for my money. But you'll be doing yourself a disservice by not giving the game a go: sure, it's definitely style over substance, but that style is still a welcome breath of fresh air.

Even if the level design could really use some updating.

Devil May Cry 5: The Kotaku Review

Devil May Cry 5 is a wild mess of demonic magic, blood, brooding twinks, butt rock music, kung-fu homage, and joyous gameplay. By the end of it, I had killed literally thousands of demons and watched struggles of Biblical proportions. The experience itself is a blur, but I know two things for certain. The first is that while there’s nary a drop of romance in the game, every one of Devil May Cry 5’s sexy trash protagonists has absolutely fucked. The second is that every bone-splintering, blood-splattering moment I spent with them was a goddamn blast.

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    As a fan of the series since Devil May Cry 1, (I don't completely hate 2) Devil May Cry 5 wraps up everything nicely in something like a "Best of" package with lots of nods, references and call backs to the previous games and has become my favourite in the series. It removes a lot of the pain points from previous games, (No refights! Sort of...) improves the combat and streamlines it all into one Seriously Stylish Slaying romp through Demon Town.

    There are a couple of twists but if you've been paying attention to the series at all then you'll spot them from a mile away but when they happen it still feels super satisfying. One particular twist I'd been waiting for the whole game I actually cheered for when it finally happened.

    Nico is a great addition to the ladies of DMC, bringing energy and spunk to complement Lady and Trish's more mature natures. She's almost like a female Dante. Overall I really liked the game and thought it brought a nice close, as cheesy and unsurprising yet stylish as it was, to a series that is all about being cheesy and stylish.

    As a fun fact, the official chronology for the game is 3, 1, 4, 2, 5.

      Even Capcom hates DMC2

      I laughed pretty hard at the start of the game when it gave you a quick primer on the series.
      3, 1 and 4 all got explainers while 2 got little more than a "Yeah and that happened I guess"

        The *anime* gets more time in that movie than DMC2 does.

      Looks like Itsuno changed the timeline after I last read about 5 taking place after 2 and the chronology is now 3, 1, 2, 4, 5 instead. Time Travel...

    Devil May Cry 5 is a trashy B-Grade action movie written by the combined day dream power fantasies of bored teenagers in class.
    The characters are cheesy and gratuitous in all aspects while the dialogue and story make you cringe at the best of times.....
    In short it's bloody amazing and I'm so glad they stuck to the campy, over the top shtick.

    I'm really enjoying the game, it doesn't stray too far from the old template in terms of gameplay and expectation, which is nice in an age of online gaming and older franchises losing their roots it getting rehashed.
    I see a lot of Bayonetta in the game which is great, she always took off where DMC kinda lost its way for a while, I'm still hoping to see Dante and Bayonetta in the same game in the future, it would be glorious.

    Capcom is really killing it at the moment, walking away from explosions in slow motion when they used to sit naked in mud chewing on the stick of dynamite.

    I enjoyed DmC for what it was worth but it always felt like a “what if” version of events.
    I haven’t finished 5 yet but V is an absolute treat to use and the story really gets back to the over-the-top craziness of 3. Early GOTY for me at this rate.

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      Yeah, I've not understood complaints about V's playstyle. He's the easiest to rack up SSS ratings for me, by far.

    The game is DMC to the core. For this DMC fan it's been a great ride so far.

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