Community Review: The Division 2

Community Review: The Division 2

For those who have been roaming the streets of Washington, how’s the experience been?

From a technical standpoint, and much like the public beta, servers for The Division 2 seem to have held up pretty well over the last few days. There were no reports of major downtime or emergency hotfixes, which is always a plus, and putting the content to one side, the game scales wonderfully well across multiple platforms.

If you’re playing on Xbox One X, you’re playing on native 4K pretty much all the time. Even the base consoles handle the game pretty well, although this is definitely a game that definitely benefits from HDR and hardware capable of dealing with all of those screen-space reflections, spot shadows and volumetric fog.

Content-wise, there’s a ton to work through. That’s to be expected given just about every Ubisoft studio on the planet worked on The Division 2, but Stephen found that the variety in the missions and level design were plenty of fun, coupled with the mechanical refinements made on The Division over the years.

22 Hours In And The Division 2 Is Excellent So Far

It’s fun. It’s huge. And it’s extremely player-friendly, except for the fact that some of its on-screen text is microscopic. I’m 22 hours into The Division 2 and am pleased and impressed.

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The only major downside I’ve noticed is that maintenance times for servers tend to be during peak gaming hours for Australians, which is always unfortunate. But so far there’s only been one maintenance period post-launch, so no dramas there.

For everyone who jumped in last week: how’s your experience with The Division 2 been?


  • Pros:
    – fresh levels, especially the indoor maps for museums
    – nooks and crannies to find stuff in
    – unlike d1, resources respawn over time
    – not easy

    – punishing difficulty for lone wolf play style- very painful at low level before LMG’s become more common
    – suffers the same problem as d1: magazine size is king + reload is death
    – crafting system is much better (less about RNG)
    – you choose your upgrades
    – project system is effort based
    – NPC enemy cheat (ie. they unlock supply crates faster than you do)

    Rage quit many times, now have switched to all LMG and I’m surviving better. The game is good but it needs quality of life improvements and some rebalancing.

    • I’m at about level 20 and I haven’t found it particularly hard. Maybe you were unlucky with gear? Or entered areas under-leveled?

    • I rage quit D1 in the early levels, like level 5; going up against this gal Michelle who was on a rooftop and I worked through a courtyard to get to it… Just could not get the hang of the mechanics well enough, but D2 is calling me anyway… Tbf I only paid like $7 for D1 on a sale a couple years after it came out.

    • “punishing difficulty for lone wolf play style”

      This was a huge pro for me. Definitely the point which pushed me into actually purchasing it.

  • So far so good! Only about 7hrs in (lvl10) and I am really enjoying it.

    My only “issue”, more of a nitpick really, is that I level up too fast – I am a few levels above where the missions that I am doing so, I am not getting the best gear for my level…

    a lot of people have the opposite problem – AC odyssey was another one where I was way over leveled for the areas I was in, so I would always get loot that was 2 levels below me.

    • Don’t know how you aren’t getting gear for your level. It all scales?

      Me and my mate are literally getting showered in loot.

    • control point supply room respawn roughly every 24hrs (except for the large yellow crates). if you have a few CPs, you can easily hit one or two every level or if you’re only going to play an hr hit all of them at once.

      you won’t get slot but you also won’t be woefully under powered (if that’s what you’re feeling now)

  • The game has been amazing so far. I’ve been playing it basically Co-op with my best mate and we’re having a blast.

    They’re is just a ridiculous amount of things to do in the game world. Alongside hidden secrets and collectibles that give you an actual boost.

    Haven’t hit endgame yet – we’re only level 22. As far as I’m aware the endgame is packed full of content as well and World Tier 5 isn’t even available yet.

    The game has been such a breath of fresh air after the disgusting Anthem launch. They deserve all the praise they can get for actually releasing a feature and content complete AAA game.

  • Loving it. I bailed pretty early after hitting max level on Division 1. New York looked great but every block felt the same. It got old fast for me. Washington DC seems a lot more varied so far with wider green spaces mixed in. And some of the main mission locations have been so fun.

  • Played roughly three hours so far (on pc) but initial impressions are very promising.

    – combat feels much improved over the first game. Enemies react to attacks more realistically, gunplay feels more visceral and shooting off pieces of enemy armour sells the fact that enemies take a few shots to go down
    – the world feels more alive and expansive. Npcs roam the streets, the open world is more open and roamable (D1 often felt like a series of closed corridors)
    – there is a ton to do! D1, which I admittedly played around launch only, often felt sparse. This is the opposite so far. And lots of content is important in the looter shooter genre.

    – for me the game struggles to maintain 60fps at 1440p despite having a 1080ti. I often drop to 45fps in outdoor areas. My i5-6600 CPU is probably holding me back here but still, it’s a bit disappointing and hope it improves.
    – the story, like the first, is pretty boring and forgettable. I’m not engaged with any of the characters or the lore.
    – the game is buggy. Sometimes I can’t choose to continue when I log in and I’m prompted to start a new character so have to relog for instance. But this stuff will oron out I’m sure

    • It’s definitely your CPU. I have a GTX1080 and a Ryzen 2700x and I maintain 70+ FPS everywhere at 1440p.

      The story is shite. Just like D1.

      • Yeh I know it’s a bummer because my mobo is a 1155 pin. So if I want to upgrade CPU I also have upgrade mobo and ram 🙁 and unfortunately I’m a poor grad student so that’s a while off

  • I’ve had a real roller-coaster ride with the game.

    When I have managed to get a group, I have had an absolute blast, really enjoyed it. When solo, it has been a head-bangingly frustrating game with poor balance for Lone Wolf players. Cheap AI, random spiking difficulty and just frustrating spawns / patrols when just trying to get somewhere.

    In saying that, I seemed to have just reached a sweet spot at levels 23-26 in which I am finding the side-missions still a challenge but a reasonable and fun one and can operate better out in the open world. I have always been appropriately geared so I am not sure what changed. But the few hours I played last night alone were great.

  • Sitting at level 21 as of last night, and been playing entirely solo – enjoying it a great deal but have had my share of issues… mostly due to the UI. The menu “glitch-effect” when you open it up is disorienting and headache-inducing, for instance, while the objective marker seems to disappear at times, or be on the wrong edge of the screen so you end up spinning in circles trying to figure out where you’re meant to be going a lot of the time between engagements.

    The way missions auto-start when you get close can also be really confusing – multiple times I’ve had a mission start when the entrance was on the other side of the building, leaving me scouring the perimeter for a way in – it seems pretty common for me to need to wander the perimeter once or twice to find the entrance; in one case, it was an unmarked closed gate, with two identical noninteractible closed gates nearby, that I must’ve walked past three times before I stumbled close enough to get a prompt to open it.

    That aside, difficulty seems good, the AI is great (always trying to flank you, sending RC vehicles to flush you out of cover, medics who’ll actually revive enemies you’ve killed), and I love Massive’s take on a Loot 2.0 system – not just increasing loot drops in general, but working in minor sets/bonuses and making you consider build options right from level 1. The skills have great variety and (of those I’ve used) feel suitably powerful – the armour-destroying firefly combined with a large-mag-LMG is amazing for taking down bosses solo. Enemy variety, especially in the elites, is also really neat, and enemies in general feel threatening without feeling overpowered (that said, I’ve heard some horror stories of this changing once you start ascending the world tiers).

  • So I haven’t played on release. But from my time with the beta, and heaps of time with div1 I think I’m gonna avoid it entirely. This may sound stupid but….the running animation. It’s terrible. And the backpacks are ridiculously large, even more enormous than they were in the first game (and most of them float from the shoulders). Kind of small quibbles, I know, but 3p looter shooter. The animations were so good in Div 1 I never noticed them really. Here they stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Having a blast, even playing on my own. Just have to be more methodical and tactical. I actually found a big, nasty hunting rifle with a very high damage output worked well. Head shot instant kill or severe wound anywhere else before throwing in seeker mines. In close combat it was all shot guns and smgs…
    I have found that this time around I am using my side arm more, as someone said above, reloading often means death with nobody to cover you.

    I have found ‘whats going on’ to be like a brick getting shoved in my ear. I played the first game a lot, even all the season pass content. It kind of eased you into investigating what is happening. So far I have tried following the story and have found myself fighting groups in missions I have never come across before. Sort of a ‘do this and fight these people because reasons’. So, either I have missed something (following story missions with some side missions in between), or there isn’t much cohesiveness to the tale (bad people doing bad things, stop them and help the good people).

    Anyway, aside from that niggle, it is still tones of fun and LEARNED from the mistakes of the first game, keeping lots of the cool features they added on later in its life.

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