District 9 Is Getting A Board Game

District 9 Is Getting A Board Game

Fresh off their success with last year’s GKR, Weta are now working to turn the studio’s 2009 sci-fi classic District 9 into a board game as well.

The aim is obviously different though; rather than being a straight-up fight like GKR was, in District 9 you’re re-living the three days of the film, only now you’re playing as one of four factions that’s trying to scavenge for alien tech while trying to avoid rioting prawns and some crazy half-alien guy (Wikus, who is in the game as a miniature but isn’t controlled by anyone) running around with his own agenda.

Here’s how gameplay works:


District 9 is currently taking orders on Kickstarter.


  • I play tested this at GenCon last august, it looked like a finished product then. Odd they are doing a kickstarter.

    • I suspect Kickstarter is still useful for boardgames since you’re effectively linking preorders to cover hefty manufacturing costs in advance (unless you completely mismanage product design like SPM or shipping like Rivals… though then there’s CMON abusing it with all the limited exclusives)

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