Here’s The Trailer For The Next Doom Movie

Here’s The Trailer For The Next Doom Movie

I don’t know who was asking for another DOOM movie, but hey! Here you go.

Doom: Annihilation, which is due out internationally some time this year, is being directed by Tony Giglio and features Amy Manson, Dominic Mafham and Luke Allen-Gale.

Chances are those names probably don’t ring a bell, so it’s also worth mentioning at this point that the studio responsible is Universal 1440. Their history is predominately in direct-to-video films, although their efforts there are better than you might think: Jarhead, Curse of Chucky, Death Race 3: Inferno, and Scorpion King 3.

So now that you know what you’re in for, here’s the trailer.

Doom: Annihilation, which draws from the original game and will use the first-person POV (but not like The Rock’s DOOM, according to the director), will be released direct-to-video. We’re not sure how the movie will be viewable in Australia yet, but something tells me DOOM fans will find a way.


        • Call me crazy, but I always though Event Horizon worked pretty well as a Doom movie. Certainly more ‘Doom’ than The Rock’s one.

          • you watched it recently. when I was 15 that movie was awesome, now I can see how horrible it is.

          • Event horizon?!!! I don’t see it.
            Event horizon is one of the best sci fi horror films: a mix of psychological horror and body horror gore.

          • Event Horizon honestly makes me think “Hellraiser in space” but in a good way. I love the idea of science actually proving that something supernatural exists. And the idea that maybe some of the alchemy or magic or superstition from 100s of years ago was actually based on truth.

          • It’s not as ‘fast paced’ as Doom, but it had the gore, it had the scares (Seriously, hitting a switch and the wall falls away to reveal a wall of impsaaaaaaa-) and it had a hard space setting, it had portals being used and it had hell-posessed people and techoloogy.

            DOOM had….Mars? It didn’t even have demons.

    • I actually didn’t mind the one with The Rock in it. It wasn’t perfect but it was still a fun action film. Just a pity (if I’m remembering right) that they toned down the hell aspect and made it more science gone wrong.

      As for this new thing. I think it looks a bit cheap and some of the sets and props in the video look a bit to clean and plasticky. However, it’s just a teaser. I feel like it’s getting a ton of hate before people see the whole thing. They show what look like imps and they look pretty cool. Maybe they’re holding back some of the more interesting sets and monsters to keep them a secret?

  • Are you sure you didn’t link an Axel Braun porno parody???

    But seriously, the movies only being made because they were about to lose the rights to the game due to copyright issues, so they got them to pump out an ultra quick, ultra low budget dtdvd ‘movie’. The images released the other day of the ‘blueberry zombie’ were laughably bad and this sure didn’t elevate that feeling. Yoiks.

    I mean sure it’ll be a funny watch, but Doom has the sheer potential to be the nightmare, blood soaked version of SHOOT EM UP we deserve, a movie that’s kinetically awesome, dumb as a sack of hammers, over the top as hell and as explosive as any Michael Bay film + 100. But this, this will keep the rights at Universal in the DTDVD bin for at least another five to ten years alas. 🙁

    I guess we’ll never get the true Cyberdemon/Spider Mastermind battles we wish we could see on the silver screen with Sarge bursting in there, rocket launcher in hand, toting a BFG on his back, then shoving a shotgun in their mouth to finish them off.

    Maybe one day 🙂

    • I think they should hire the people behind Hardcore Henry and throw a ton of money at them to make a Doom movie. All first person, all insane over the top action.

      And while they’re at it hire Del Toro or Peter Jackson to help with the monster and set design.

      • I don’t think I’d truly want to see a full fps movie of Doom, segments sure, but not the entire movie. The older movie showed that those segments wear off quickly. Add to that the motion sickness element that can set in with 24fps video like that. However, in minor segments, sure.

        But, I do like where I read somewhere (here?) still having a group of marines dropped into Mars against the backdrop of Sarge/Doom Marine going up against the forces of hell, they observe it, participate in it, but we still see him being a badass, see him doing it all, then watch as the marines drop one by one until it’s just Sarge and one other left, then he heroically sacrifices himself to destroy the big end boss and perhaps they teleport away? I could definitely go for that.

  • will be released direct-to-video.
    HAHA looks bad… it looks like it skips right past the bad, so bad its good, bad into “rub my eyes with hot mustard” territory.

  • Fuck there is so much potential for a decent Doom movie. All you have to do is take the plot of Half Life: Opposing Force, replace one silent murder-machine with another, and BAM oscars material.

    Seriously – a squad of marines get dropped into a full-on slugfest between the Doomslayer and the legions of hell with no idea what’s going on, they realize that DS isn’t such a bad guy (after initially trying to kill him, of course), and then join forces to fight the Cyberdemon and/or Mastermind. 90 minutes of dumb fun, and you don’t fuck with canon by making Doomslayer speak because he isn’t the actual protagonist of the movie.

    • I’ve never understood why they turn games into movies. It’s a step backwards in storytelling. I’m guessing they must make money but there hasn’t been a really good one. At best they turn out ok but the vast majority are forgettable to bad.

      • I think there’s a lot of potential to translate games into movies – particularly games with a strong narrative, or on-rails games where the outcome is predetermined.

        Let’s take the Warcraft movie as an example. It was terrible, not because it was a video game movie, but because it went about making a video game movie in completely the wrong way. It tried to condense several games into one – They tried to squeeze in storylines from all 3 original WC games, and the end result sucked.

        Instead, what movies should do is tell a story about the game, not tell the story of the game. In other words – tell a great story that just happens to be set in the video game universe, rather than making the video game universe the story. Don’t bother explaining the entire universe/setting of the game, because it’s too much content to fit into 2 hours and you won’t have enough time left over to tell an actual story in that setting.

        What if, instead of the bloated mess of the Warcraft movie, we got a movie adaptation of the plot of the unreleased Lord of the Clans game. Just tell a brief history of the first & second invasions in a few minutes of expositions and flashbacks at the start, and then let the audience discover the world as the movie progresses instead of jamming it all down their throats. You then get to tell the story of an outcast who overcomes impossible odds to throw off the shackles of slavery and unites his people – that person just happens to be an orc in the WC universe.

        THAT is a movie I would pay to see.

        • Your compression point is a really good one – I was rewatching the (more recent) Dredd movie the other day, and it works so well because it tries to do so little. One block, two judges – go.

          • That’s a perfect example and it matches so many of the most entertaining Dredd stories. While there were some epics that took months of issues a lot of the cool stories were done and dusted in something like 10 pages.

            They shouldn’t be trying to deliver the whole universe in one movie. If you want to expand the world tell more stories. Introduce a small group of characters in the first movie. Introduce one setting maybe two. People can absorb them and enjoy and understand them. Introduce more characters, settings and reveal deeper plots later.

            John Wick has been another good example done well. Fairly tight self contained story with a handful of memorable characters. Sure it hints at a deeper history and world but it doesn’t overwhelm with them. Second movie gets to do that, as will the third.

          • Man I loved the Dredd movie, but for the longest time I thought it was a complete rip-off of The Raid – elite cops get locked in a hostile tower complex and have to fight their way to the boss at the top in order to survive while being hunted by the tower’s inhabitants… it’s an easy conclusion to jump to! Turned out it was just one hell of a coincidence, but I had this grudge against the movie for ages because I am the biggest Raid fanboy.

  • Will probably be terrible in an entertaining way, ill give it a watch.
    But seriously why havent they made one that is actually doomguy just one man army-ing the fuck out of a bunch of demons just like the game? have just enough story like the recent doom game and it would be entertaining as hell (hehe)

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