Dora The Explorer's Live-Action Film Doesn't Look Terrible

Two things I didn't think I'd be writing this week: there's a live-action film about Dora the Explorer. Second thing: it actually looks ... OK? Maybe even fun?

It's called Dora and the Lost City of Gold. And if the thought of paying money to see a film based on Dora the Explorer sounds questionable, I hear you. The movie's being produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes studio. Danny Trejo is voicing a monkey in the damn thing.

My expectations for the trailer before clicking were lower than zero, partially because I've seen what happened when the words Transformers and Michael Bay ended up in a poster. And while I wouldn't be placing Dora into "must see" status after the below trailer, it looks alright. The best way to describe it is probably as the most palatable family-friendly movie you can imagine Hollywood making. College Humor's take on Dora was miles better, though.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold hits Australian theatres on September 19, six weeks after its launch in the United States. I'm betting families will see far, far worse movies this year. And while we're bringing iconic characters to life, maybe Netflix can hurry up with that live-action feature for Carmen Sandiego.


    So we have a 10-year-old girl played by a 17-year-old actress with substantial breasts... OK...

      As the parent of two girls, I can inform you that there is actually a version of Dora where she's more of a teenager - two series actually - Dora's Explorer Girls and Dora and Friends: Into the City. While she's still younger in those series than she appears to be in this, the idea of a more grown up Dora is not too out there and has already been done before.

        Fair enough. I obviously come from a more innocent time, when her biggest problem was Swiper, always swiping stuff.

          Yup, and they didn't even put Swiper in the movie. SHAME!!!!

    "Dora The Explorer's Live-Action Film Doesn't Look Terrible"

    Yes. Yes it does. Like, alot.

    According to my daughter who loves Dora, after watching the trailer:

    * Boots the Monkey doesn't wear boots, and doesn't talk.
    * None of Dora's animal friends like Chico, Benny etc.
    * No singing or sing along's
    * No Backpack or Map

    And most importantly to her:

    *No Swiper The Fox - This upset her the most. She adores Swiper.

    I asked her if she wants to still go see it. She gave a resounding No, and said she will stick with the animated show and movies. Thank God Hollywood butchered another franchise, that I don't need to suffer through at the cinemas. :)

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