Dota Auto Chess Is Getting A Mobile Spin-Off

The most popular custom game ever released for Dota 2, Dota Auto Chess is being spun off into its own mobile-friendly title – minus all the bits it borrows from Dota 2.

Developers Drodo Studio announced recently that it had partnered with Chinese firm Long Mobile to develop Auto Chess into a standalone product, with Chinese event organiser and broadcast company ImbaTV for esports tournaments.

To make the adaptation, however, the mobile game will be dropping all references and association with Dota 2. The game will still have eight players squaring off against each other, like Dota 2 Auto Chess, but all the heroes will be created from scratch. The artstyle fits in with what you’d expect from fantasy/hero games on the mobile market, so far.

The Dota Auto Chess custom map has more than 6.3 million subscribers on the Steam Workshop. Dota 2 resurgence in popularity has been widely attributed to the custom game: over the last 30 days, Dota 2 has had just over 1.03 million concurrent peak players, the first time the game has surpassed the seven figure concurrent mark since February 2017.

Auto Chess, meanwhile, is taking pre-registrations for iOS and Android in China. Users are also being offered the “Candies” in-game currency as a bonus depending on the amount of games played on your Steam account. You’ll have to link your account to the site to earn the reward, though. (Best to wait until it hits the Play Store/App Store locally.)


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