Here’s The Microtransactions For Elder Scrolls: Blades

Here’s The Microtransactions For Elder Scrolls: Blades

Elder Scrolls: Blades officially hit early access this week, although the wave-based nature of invites means plenty of people haven’t been able to go dungeon crawling yet. And when you do get to go dungeon crawling, it’s worth knowing how much the loot you get back from those dungeons might cost to open.

I mention cost because, unlike what you’d normally expect from an action RPG, the chests you find at the end of Blades‘s dungeons can’t be opened automatically. In the first few levels of Blades, you can unlock the chests straight away, but after that stage you’ll need to either wait for a timer to run out, or unlock them directly using gems.

And, naturally, those gems cost money.

Here’s The Microtransactions For Elder Scrolls: Blades
Here’s The Microtransactions For Elder Scrolls: Blades


To buy a chest directly, it’ll cost you 250 gems for a golden chest, and 750 for an “Elder” chest. Legendary chests will set you back 2500 gems – or $30.99, if you’re spending hard cash for it.

Here’s The Microtransactions For Elder Scrolls: Blades

Upgrading buildings in Blades also requires materials, like lumber. You can collect some of those in-game, but you can also accelerate the process with gems as well.

We’ll have more about Blades in the coming days as we get more of a chance to work our way through Bethesda’s mobile world. So far, the most impressive thing by far is the seamless experience between portrait mode and landscape. To make a first-person RPG work under those conditions is pretty ridiculous, and the game supports movement via virtual joysticks or tapping to move.

For anyone who’s gotten into the first wave of Blades so far, how have you found it?


  • Is anyone even able to log into this game? I tried to check it out but am stuck on the start screen saying they are only letting a certain amount through.

  • I’ve been playing for two days. It’s not bad. The game seems to be handing out gems at a reasonable rate and do far I haven’t had the urge to open them.
    Low level chests unlock in 5 seconds.
    Silver is 3 hours and gold is 7 hours.
    I’ve just been pouring Silver ones on the timer while I’m at work. I check it and start a new one whenever. The gold ones will go overnight. I just put a chest on the boil when I’m about to stop playing.

    There’s also an infinite dungeon crawl mode that seems to spit out mats and money fairly quickly so far.

    • This is the early access phase so they don’t care so much because they is a wipe coming for the official open release apparently. They’re most likely stress testing their servers and drop rates and seeing critical reactions first before the release.

  • ah a f2p mobile game that’s also coming to console / PC later

    well that explains the micro transactions model

  • Sounds like they want to just make money off these games and provide no backup without taking more money, so at this time just wondering what they will pull in Elder Scrolls 6. Forced to thier app and limited moding??, people most enjoyed these games off open mods.

  • Ahh good ol’ Todd Howard is at it again. Nothing makes his weiner harder than burying that franchise one shovel of shit at a time

  • Here’s why I’m enjoying it so far:
    – Basic sword, shield and sorcery gameplay.
    – Simplified free roaming dungeons.
    – Character creation!
    – Levelling up and character stat/skill progression.
    – Elder Scrolls visuals, vibe and music on the go.
    – Free*

    If you’re like me and you can get over the fact that the game really does encourage microtransactions, you’ll still dig it. Not sure if I’ll be playing it in a couple of months, but it really scratches the itch I’ve had for a while; wanted to buy Skyrim on Switch but not for $80 ($50 on sale).

    *I haven’t spent anything… yet.

  • I tried it on release day. I opened the app, smacked a Thalmor a few times and thought “I don’t really understand this mechanic”. Then it asked me to create a Bethesda account and I quit. That’s about how far I’ve gone. I haven’t opened it since.

  • Mobile games are the gaming equivalent of herpes… except herpes has a better business model.

  • I’m sorry I thought that you just said it would cost $31 to open a single chest. FFS Bethesda what happened to you?

    • Cheers open on a timer. You get a refundable amount of premium currency during play. You never have to pay for a chest.

  • Great for a mobile game! Graphics are good, smooth and so far there has been no need to spend $ to get good items etc.

  • I’ll be playing it for a few weeks I reckon, might even drop some coin on the hero pack.

    It’s gonna take a looong time to unlock all features of the game. Progression, is in part, tied to the level of your town. You can’t unlock enchanting until you raise town prestige 3 (level 3).

    I’ve been playing since yesterday morning (about 10 hours play time), my town is level 2, I’m only just unlocking alchemy now. I planned a poison build, but couldn’t get a basic alchemist until now (I’m about to go unlock him after this!) You will have the same issue if you wanted to try enchanting. Also, I traded off level two blacksmith for this, so stuck with iron and hide equipment.

    I guess what I’m saying is, as the game is, if you are purely free to play, prepare yourself for long grinds and longer timers. The resources for developing towns drop at very low drop rates in dungeons. You get most of the resources from chests.

    That said, combat is fun, controls are intuitive and launching with the endless dungeon is an awesome idea. Also, there is a respective mechanic which is nifty. But of course it costs gems. Overall, I’ll stick with it a while it’s a lot of fun. But so many timers, I might only last until Immortals launches.

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