First Look Inside Japan’s New Moomin Theme Park 

First Look Inside Japan’s New Moomin Theme Park 
Screenshot: <a href="">ANNnewsCH</a>

On March 16, a Moomin theme park will open in Saitama, Japan. Let’s have a peek inside.

Called Moomin Valley Park, it will feature various Moomin attractions, similar to Moominworld in Finland. The beloved Scandinavian characters have long been popular in Japan.

Previously, the park’s concept art was revealed, which we can now compare to the real deal.

You can visit Moomin’s house and enjoy the surroundings of nature, which is so important to the world of Moomin. The park’s creators did what they could not to cut down trees when building the park.

Visitors in middle school and up are 1,500 yen ($19) each while the entrance fee for a child of four years old and up is 1,000 yen ($12.72).


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