Five More Minutes From Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Five More Minutes From Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

We’re only a few days away from From Software’s latest punishing adventure from dominating social media. Ahead of that, the developers have released a five minute how-to explaining a chunk of the game’s systems and mechanics.

For Bloodborne and Dark Souls fans, a lot of the boss fights and general encounters will largely pan out how you expect. Enemies have attack patterns, with some of the larger ones having attacks that can’t be blocked or countered.

So perhaps the biggest note revolves around resurrection. The Wolf has the ability to resurrect once after falling in battle, but they’re “vulnerable” after doing so. If you die a second time while in that state, you’ll lose “valuable resources” and potentially other consequences, which the video doesn’t really outline. What’s important to note is that resting at an idol (Sekiro‘s bonfires, probably) or landing a one-hit kill Shinobi Death Blow (which isn’t always a silent kill – you can trigger this by deflecting enough until an enemy’s posture breaks) breaking an enemy’s guard, will reset the resurrection counter.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this Friday.


  • Real talk time. I am not a fan of the Soulsborne series as I’ve always found the combat and movement to be pretty meh compared to what I like. Sekiro has me both at once super hype and super worried. Hype because it’s tickling my nostalgia for the days of Tenchu and other Ninja/Samurai games on PS1 and 2. Worried because I don’t want to be disappointed again by “Souls-like gameplay”. I imagine that a lot of people are going to be the other way around, disappointed that it’s not “Mah Souls game”.

    This video makes me hopeful though. Nioh was a start toward something I could have fun with but was missing the stealth and and environment usage that I wanted. Now, if they have poison rice balls I’m all set.

    • This is how I feel. I don’t like the combat of the soulsborne stuff either but I love the Ronin/ninja style stuff a lot. I loved how punishing but fun ninja gaiden was or the old tenchu games. Looking forward to this game but I don’t want to spend half the combat sequences dodge rolling.

    • oh how silly of me. I didn’t mention to my work I have an important thing on Friday. I better do that tomorrow.

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