Forget Pod Racer, Here’s Dark Forces In The Unreal Engine

Forget Pod Racer, Here’s Dark Forces In The Unreal Engine

It’s not just Pod Racer that’s getting the modern Unreal treatment. Another developer has been working on bringing Dark Forces into the 21st century, and holy shit is it coming along nicely.

The Dark Forces remaster comes courtesy of Jason Lewis, a senior environment artist at Obsidian. We’ve reported on his work before, but in the last few months his remake of the Dark Forces opening level has really come a long way.

You can see a ton of work in progress shots over at Lewis’s ArtStation, but I’ve compiled a selection below to give you the full nostalgia hit.

All images: Jason Lewis (Artstation)

The project was inspired by the work Lewis and other developers did on the Mos Eisley tech demo, which some Obsidian developers used as an opportunity to get more experience with the Unreal Engine. Still shots of the level have floated around the net before, but a full walkthrough of the level has been uploaded by YouTuber Bluedrake 42.

Needless to say, it’s enough to make you want more Dark Forces and Jedi Knight remakes.

Hey Disney, if you’re listening: give Obsidian (and Microsoft these days I guess) a call. I’m sure they’d love to spin this out into something bigger. Or ask Nightdive: I hear they’re interested in some remakes.


  • something something fan remake something something

    they either never finished or get sued into oblivion

  • The only callout Disney will hear will be talking to the lawyers for immediate Copyright and Legal Letters of Warning be in the mail.

    Seriously fan projects… keep it secret, keep it safe. Develop an indie game exactly to specifications, then mod it Day Zero with the copyright IP protected material.

    Its why every fan project gas been shut down… yet my Steam Workshop flight sim has me battleling Tie Fighters with a Gundam

  • For more than twenty years, I’ve just wanted to walk around a classic Star Wars single-player environment and shoot stormtroopers. I don’t know why this is so hard.

    • I would pay stupid money to walk around VR recreations of iconic Star Wars locations (e.g Death Star). No shooting, no people. Just architecturally accurate super hi-fidelity recreations.

  • Presumably they can’t ask Obsidian to write a game, since they sold EA exclusive rights to make PC/console Star Wars games.

  • Forget about Pod Racer because its been given the Reddit kiss of death and the google download is over quota and the time you can download it it’ll be given a C&D.

    • Luke, find the file on google, add it to your google drive. THen download

      If you still can’t download it in the google drive view, right click it and make a copy of it (in your drive) then you have a “copy of starwars…” file that you CAN download.

      I dont know why google does this. BUt this little workaround worked for me.

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