Gwent Is Finally Coming To (i)Phones

Gwent Is Finally Coming To (i)Phones

There’s plenty of good free-to-play card games on mobile, but one has been painfully absent from the discussion: Gwent. Thankfully, that absence will come to an end this year.

After much lobbying, the Witcher 3 card game that became a life of its own is finally finding its way to smartphones. Not Android initially though – the developer announced in a blog post that the mobile Gwent would be hitting iPhones “later this year”, with no word on how long Android users might be waiting.

“Beautiful visuals aside, we’ve tailored much of our technology, including GOG Galaxy which powers GWENT’s multiplayer, to support mobile devices,” the game’s director, Jason Slama, said in a blog post.

The line about GOG Galaxy is intriguing, and makes you wonder whether, especially in a world where Gwent has been rapidly overhauled, if crossplay with PC and consoles is in the offing. There’s still no word on the game making its way to the Switch, of course, but being on phones at all is a solid start.

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