Halo Developers: Please Stop Sending Us Pizza

Halo Developers: Please Stop Sending Us Pizza

It’s no surprise that the Halo community is pretty thrilled right about now. And following the Halo: Master Chief Collection announcement, fans have been showing their gratitude by sending developers 343 Industries some free pizza!

Which is great! Except the developers had their pizza. But then the pizza kept coming.

Halo and pizza has a bit of a history. A few years ago as part of the Infinity Armory launch, a pizza-themed skin was added to Halo 5.

So ever since then, the Halo community has always had a bit of a love affair with pizza. And last week, a thread gained traction in the official Halo subreddit. “I will buy the first 343 employee that comments on this pizza if MCC for PC gets announced during the special announcement this month,” it says.

So right on cue, moments after 343 Industries came through with their Halo: MCC announcement for PC, fans started sending pizzas. Lots of it.

And the pizzas kept coming.

Spoiler: tonnes of pizzas kept coming.

One fan helpfully suggested that people could donate the money instead to a nearby homeless shelter, rather than sending excess food that will probably get thrown out.

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  • Ah gamers, a really dim bunch sometimes, sure its a joke but it is real food being wasted, when some worse off people could make better use of it

    • They could just keep it in a fridge and tell a shelter to come pick it up. They’re not forced to throw it away.

      • there are strict food and hygiene laws that govern food donations, so yeah they kinda are being forced to throw it out if they cant eat it. (though being US who knows what crazy laws they have there state by state)

  • Pizza does freeze and reheat pretty well (if defrosted and reheated in an oven).

    Time to start freezing some leftovers.

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