Halo: The Master Chief Collection And Halo: Reach Comes To PC, Steam

Halo: The Master Chief Collection And Halo: Reach Comes To PC, Steam

After many, many requests, Microsoft has finally fulfilled one of the longest running requests from Halo fans: to properly bring Master Chief to PC. But it’s not just coming to the Microsoft Store – Halo is coming to Steam, as well.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which includes multiple Halo games, will be rolled out later this year through the Microsoft Store and Steam. The biggest note is that the entirety of the Master Chief Collection won’t be released all at once, but in stages. A representative from 343 Industries explained that the staggered release would give the developers time to focus on each title.

“We are laying the groundwork for PC native features such as excellent mouse and keyboard controls, support for multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, field-of-view sliders, and adjustable framerates, to name but a few. And yes, there will be support for Xbox gamepads and other PC controllers,” 343 Industries said in an announcement post.

They also announced that Halo: Reach would be added to Halo: MCC on consoles in two parts – the multiplayer for existing owners, as well as the singleplayer campaign and Firefight as premium DLC. Game Pass subscribers, however, will get access to the lot in one hit.

Reach, meanwhile, will be the first Halo game made available on PC, with the rest of the Halo catalogue patched in afterwards in chronological order. Microsoft added that with 343 Industries focusing on Halo Infinite, they had to enlist the help of two external studios to make the port happen: Scottish developer Ruffian Games and Splash Damage, the British devs behind Enemy Territory and Dirty Bomb more recently.


    • Nothing wrong making it exclusive to their own store front seeing as it is their IP. No different to DOTA 2, CS:GO, or Artifact being exclusive to Steam because it is their IP.

      • Agreed. Although the windows store is a bit of a different beast than epic/uplay/origin etc. I’ve had huge problems getting downloads to actually work from it before.

      • I didn’t say they couldn’t.

        Im just glad it isnt given how previous Windows Store exclusives have been shit shows lacking basic features.

    • Store exclusives are fine if they funded development which Microsoft has the right to do… as long as they dint promise to be on Steam and then revoke it two weeks out cause they got a better offer at the 13th hour after already taking preorders. 😛

      (Or doesnt end up more expensive due to US exchange rates and Aussie Tax)

    • pretty sure they realised that the stuff that gets stuck on the windows store doesnt sell as well as if they put it on steam. they just want to make money =D

  • Cool, i remember playing 1 and 2 on pc years ago on a mates PC as well as my Xbox.

    I have the MCC on Xbox One, it sucks that i have to buy it again.

    • With any luck it will be released as a “play anywhere” titleso you won’t have to buy it again (the caveat being that you’ll need to download it via the Microsoft store)

      • I don’t mind downloading from the Microsoft store, the games i have bought seem to work ok.

        Steam would be preferable though but i can see it being $120 from there.

        • Given it will be on steam we won’t be locked into ms store pricing and I’m sure it will be available from third parties like cdkeys thank christ!

  • Buy the collection, get most of the games. One game is multi only with the story as a premium DLC?

    Way to shit on a perfectly good announcement.

    • ODST was released in this manner. Note, its owners of the MCC getting reach multiplayer for free, not owners of Reach only getting MP in MCC.

      • Also, on PC, if you own the MCC you get Reach, most likely because its the first game that will be out on PC, so we will see how the rollout goes I guess.

        • I just read that each game’s campaign is individually purchasable.

          So you’re not buying the collection. You’re buying an empty box and then buying all the bits that go inside it afterwards.

          • Announcing a “collection” and selling only one game with it is pretty shitty practice. I know everyone is excited to finally get the Halo games, but this is shitty. I mean, people were sharpening pitchforks about Metro changing storefront because (lord forbid) they would have to download a second client. But rereleasing an existing product on a new platform with 80% of the content missing is ok? I just don’t get it.

            Remember those anime box sets where you’d get DVD 1 and a cardboard box? They’re doing that, except the box looks like it has the other DVDs in it unless you look really carefully.

  • Hey @alexwalker is there a dupe here?

    They also announced that Halo: Reach would be added to Halo: MCC soon, with Reach being added in two parts

    Reach, meanwhile, is being added to the MCC collection. It’ll also be the first Halo game made available on PC

  • I can’t understate how happy I am to see the dedication Microsoft has shown to preserving and updating its Halo titles so we can continue to enjoy them.

  • Waiting for any info about splitscreen support – for me will make the difference between a day one purchase and a day ‘50% discount’ purchase

  • Really happy about this. I’ve recently upgraded, and I’m playing some of the Microsoft games having missed out on them after being a primarily PS4 player for a few years. (although other than Forza Horizon 3, they’ve mostly been pretty average unfortunately).

    And the fact that it’s on Steam means I can use my PS4 controller without DS4shock being weird sometimes.

    Hope they don’t have the weird, “oh hey, I know we already did this but are you sure you want to use the Ultra Preset still even though you always get 60 frames? Oh okay, let me “optimize the game “for 2 minutes for no reason that some of the Microsoft games like to do.

  • Halo CE on PC was great, but Halo 2 was a dogs breakfast with poor/no support for K&M. Have been salty about that since considering they released such great PC games previously eg Marathon. Good to see things coming back to PC full circle.

  • This is actually amazing, always wanted to play Reach and the MC collection, and being on Steam is a massive surprise on top.

    • Even that might be ending. Windows supports Xbox format games now (or at least it does in testing branch). We might be seeing Xbox and 360 emulation soonish.

      • Oh man that’d be awesome. I’ve held onto a few XBox 360 games but can’t bring myself to buy an X at the price it’s at.

  • This is fantastic, now if only while they’re doing it they could make a Halo 3 Anniversary Edition so that the original trilogy can all be consistent. Hopefully if this is successful for them they’ll bring 5&6 to the PC too.

    One con to this however, I just lost the biggest reason (Halo 2 Anniversary) I was going to buy an Xbone! Somehow it would just feel wrong to only have a PS4, and not just in my hands because of the awful controllers, I’ll be getting a custom xbone shaped controller to fix that.

  • I just hope that means we dont need to deal with any more Toredo bullshit. To their credit, with the updates over the last couple of years its gotten heaps better, as I havent had to deal with any Teredo related issues on PC since Sea of Thieves launched. That shit got so bad when Forza Horizon 3 came out that several of my friends and I just ultimately requested refunds cause it was so broken…

  • Microsoft are being incredibly smart about this. they know the only real way to increase their market share or hell to even remain competitive in the gaming market is to stop trying to be hardware specific. if they can release an Xbox console to sell to the console gamer but also put all their games on PC they have a huuuuuuuuuge market share.

    If they pull this off properly they could blow Sony out of the water especially considering how reserved they are to do anything outside their own platform.

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