Heave Ho Is My New Mount Your Friends-Style Party Game

Heave Ho Is My New Mount Your Friends-Style Party Game

To this day, Mount Your Friends remains one of the best guaranteed laughs you can get from a crowd from a games night. Heave Ho doesn’t feature oiled up naked gymbros climbing a disturbed goat, but it does rely on very similar climbing mechanics, which is great for laughs all the same.

Heave Ho is being shown off at PAX East right now, but Devolver’s local PR ran a little demo for the game as part of an indie showcase in Sydney earlier this week. The gist of things is pretty straight forward: left and right trigger control your left and right hands, which will stick to objects provided you’re holding the buttons down. The left stick controls the movement of your arms, and the goal is to reach a half-circle at the end of each level.

It’s due out on Switch and PC later this year, and while you can play through the whole game solo, co-op is where it really shines. The singleplayer mode is effectively practice for dealing with the mechanics and levels, but the real game is dealing with the bullshit of a partner who keeps throwing you off the cliff.

Of course, like Mount Your Friends, learning how to swing becomes a key part of the fun. In the beginning it’s all about getting used to forward momentum and grabbing onto objects, but later on you’ll find coins and eggs that need to be escorted to safety.

Or in my case, tossed halfway across the level.

The game supports up to four players, which would be utter chaos. It’s loads of fun with just two, since while you’re not really competing against each other, you are competing for space to a degree. Later levels will feature hazards and other objects that limit how many bodies can pass through a space at any one time, and once you get beyond two, things start to get real cramped.

Either way, it’s a fun romp if you like your physics-style platformers on the lighter side of things. Heave Ho will hit the Switch and PC (through Steam) later this winter.


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