Here’s A Ton Of Cheap Board Games

Here’s A Ton Of Cheap Board Games
Image: Board Game Geek (Root)

Your shelf could always use some more board games. And since a ton of very good games are being sold for cheap right now, it makes sense to stock up.

Sydney retailer Advent Games are discounting a ton of solid titles this week, with discounts of between 30 percent to 70 percent on a heap of fantastic games. There’s huge space 4X titles, like Gaia Project. A massive bargain on Gloomhaven, a game that absolutely needs it. The New California expansion for Fallout: The Board Game is half price, and neat games like Shipwrights of the North Sea are going for less than $30.

Whatever your flavour, there’s a ton of good choices. You can see the full sale list here, but below you’ll find individual links to games worth checking out.

Root is one of the hottest games right now, an unusual asymmetrical wargame featuring multiple factions. That happen to be Cats. Mice. Vagabonds.

Yeah, it’s a Euro strategy game with animals fighting over a forest. The City of Kings is a co-op tactical RPG for up to four players, which some groups prefer rather than competitive affairs, and Burger Up is a great Aussie-made party game about building, well, burgers. (It’s from the same group who made the Hand of Fate board game.) And Gloomhaven? Chances are you’ve heard about that.

The full list of specials is over here at Advent Games. It’s not included in the list, but I’d also note that there’s a deal now on the second print run of Wingspan, a game about having the most impressive collection of birds. You should probably check that out, too.


  • This is what is very VERY wrong with the KS industry right now.. All those backers who paid full price and waited months and even years to get these games, when they could have just waited til now and got them so much cheaper, without needing to wait.

  • I was tempted to buy Gloomhaven just because it is such a good price for it…! But honestly how much is the shipping going to be on that box; it weights like 5kg doesn’t it??

    Bought Root in the current Kickstarter so no need for that one at the moment

    Tempted to put money down on Wingspan though.

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