How Anime Art Has Changed Since 2009

Image: 2ch

Anime art is not static. It is constantly changing with each passing year. Some of those changes are noticeable. Others less so.

On 2ch, a forum member has posted the above image to explain how anime art has changed in the past ten years. The comparison shows prevalent stylistic touches then and now.

The most noticeable changes are the size of the eyes, the cheeks and the way the hair is drawn.

Image: 2ch

It seems the same forum member previously did a comparison between 2010 and 2017. Fascinating to track the changes since 2017 with the top image.

Don’t you wonder what anime art will look like in 2030?



    That was an entire article?

    It took longer for the page to load than for me to actually read it.

      Its all about the clicks, baby!

      Just be glad there weren't a bunch of 10 - 20MB gif files to load in this article as well.

    First image: Eyes are drawn slightly different, different colour shading.
    Second image: Different colour shading. That's literally it, aside from the lines across the cheeks.


    Don’t you wonder what anime art will look like in 2030?

    Not really, no.

    Kotaku is really grasping at straws for articles, but at least it wasnt a repost of the "how to take a selfie" article.

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