Ironman Completes All Five Souls Games Without Taking A Hit

As tough as it is, The_Happy_Hob has just put the Dark Souls series well and truly in its place, completing all five games—the three Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne—in a row. Without taking a single hit.

Twitch Streamer's Perfect Run Of All Soulsborne Games Fails When He Tries To Kill 69 Bosses

The_Happy_Hob is no ordinary Twitch streamer. In 2016, he pulled off the first no-hit run of Dark Souls, stunning even series director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Last year, he one-upped himself by completing the whole series without getting hit. Now he’s added Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne to his marathon gauntlet. But recently, he 86-ed himself in pursuit of the internet’s favourite number: 69.

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Just finishing them back-to-back is a Herculean task in itself (it took over 12 hours!), but doing so without taking any hits whatsoever is just wow. And it’s cool that he managed to pull it off after his last attempt ended so nicely.

You can watch the whole thing here:

Or skip to around 12:10 if you just want to see him finish the thing off and almost die of relief.

Note this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this; he’s previously completed all three Dark Souls games without taking a shot. But man, five games, phew.


    In the GIF his hp is around 1/7. Any reason why his HP is low when it is a "take no hit" run?

      Ah ok I scroll to the end of the stream and found out why. He drop his health so that the damage buff is ON so he hits harder to the boss.

        makes sense. If he's going for a no-hit run may as well go all in.

    His abilty to concentrate must be far in excess of "normal". Unbelievable that a) he managed to do it and b) he held his nerve in the final hour. Amazing.

    And he will go missing as a government abducts him and harvests his genetic material for a super soldier program

    Just in time to start playing Sekiro, gotta get a no hit run in that, now.

      He promised to get a tattoo if he didn't complete the no hit run by the Sekiro release.

    Wait I thought the DS series was supposed to be hard? ;)

    Seriously though, it does make me wonder how many of the complainers about it's difficulty just stand in place and let bosses hit them then wonder why they die.

      It is difficult but of it like a marathon. Not many people in the world would be able to complete one, even less could complete one without having to take a rest. Just because there are people that don't need a rest doesn't take a break doesn't mean that it isnt a difficult task.

      That said Soulsgames always struck me as hard but fair. Shouldnt be any room for complaints haha

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    Amazing. He doesn't move a muscle until it's over, then just explodes. The best part? When he gives his dog a big hug :-)

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