Left Alive, As Told By Steam Reviews

What happens when you get a bunch of devs from the Metal Gear Solid games, Armored Core, Xenobnlade Chronicles X and tell them to make an action survival game? You end up spending most of the time crafting, apparently.

The internet hasn’t been kind to Left Alive in its initial weeks – while it launched in English yesterday, the game went live on February 28 in Japan.

Things haven’t gone well, with Square even putting a block on anyone streaming the game to YouTube as well.

Unsurprisingly, the savagery of the reviews from Japanese users has found its way over to Left Alive‘s Steam page as well. The game is sitting at a 17% user rating with just over 220 reviews, with the majority of postings warning about poor optimisation and clunky animations.

Positive reviews have praised the graphics, overall aesthetic and the story-driven nature of the missions. Negative reviews have complained about the constant “AN ENEMY IS APPROACHING” notification, clunky enemy AI, rough animations, and weak gunplay.

Here’s what users are saying about Left Alive:

For more footage of the game itself, here’s an hour of gameplay from Paul and Heather.

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