Let’s Play The Division 2

Let’s Play The Division 2

There’s a Washington to save and levels to grind. Help us retake the city, why don’t you?

I’ve been working my way slowly through Ubisoft’s looter shooter since last week, but I’ve got some levels to catch up on. And since I’ll be playing anyway, why don’t you join me? I’ll largely be rolling around solo, but if you’d like to hang out and chat about anything from today, or just ask questions generally, I’ll be playing for an hour or two from 1930 AEDT / 1830 AQST / 1900 ACST / 1730 AWDT / 2130 NZST.

As for the future, if you’d like to see something particular from streams, let me know in the comments!


  • I am thoroughly loving the game, but they seriously need to do something about that UI. I can play for like an hour or two before my brain feels like it is about to explode (or worse those missions in which there is a jammer, make the game absolutely unplayable.

    Also maybe it is just me but on PS4 their matchmaking system is thoroughly broken. I have been trying for four days at different times to get a group for Dark Zones and not a single ‘hit’, so matchmaking I could understand but to get not a single other person on the entire PS4 system wants to play dark zone and is friendless as well, I dont buy it, something is amiss.

  • Tried posting official?
    They’ve been pretty quick on fixing and tweaking issues.

    By the time I learnt skills were broken it was fixed by the time I got home and without any updates.
    (Though perhaps a matchmaking fix might require one, I dunno)

    • Yeah there have been posts on the main reddit page ever since closed beta, including from people epilepsy calling them out for purposely triggering it (for a feature the doesnt need to be there). So far none have ever been commented on officially.

      As for matchmaking I have made a few posts and seen a few others by fellow Aussies.

      Time will tell. But yeah they seem to be pretty good at picking up on the huge issues, generally.

      • Is it causing you actual physical pain?

        If so id highly recommend seeing a doctor or an optometrist. I previously had problems with some games causing headaches and my optometrist got my lenses changed and it solved the issues i was having.

        • My eyes and brain are all good. Just had eyes tested a month ago and had new glasses for a few weeks. Never had an issue in any other game ever. The problem lies in the fact the people who designed this clearly put design over ergonomics.

          Anyone who has ever been for an eye test knows even in the short term forcing ones eyes to go in and out of focus can cause massively headaches, eyestrain and in the case of extreme make people feel physically ill. So what did this bunch do. Made it so that every time you do anything at all in the UI of a complicated game your eyes are constantly being forced to refocus. All for what, a funky design, that serves no practical purpose. And it is not just me there are constant threads daily that get to the main page from people suffering from the same thing.

          The worse part is any scene with a jammer, or when the hunters come and blur your UI the game is totally unplayable. There was one mission where you are expected to do an extended fire fight, while your whole screen is pulsing, multiple different waves of pulsing all around you AND then on top of that, the whole of your UI is going in and out of focus, constantly. And it was dark so muzzle flashes also complicated that even more. I am lucky I had a flatmate to call on because I couldnt physically do it and ever he had problems doing it as well.

  • For those still working through the story, something I found out last night might make levelling a little easier.

    Namely, the exp of missions isn’t consistent. Story missions (blue hexagon icons on map) are static rewards, and mobs are apparently capped. It doesn’t matter what level you do them, they’ll always give the same exp.

    Side missions (blue pentagon icons) on the other hand scale for both exp and mobs. They basically give a third of a level in exp, which becomes very important when you’re up in the late 20’s and grinding your way to max level.

    So its worth leaving the side missions alone and just focussing on the story missions first. Then when you need them, the side missions are there to get you through the hard grind at the end.

    • this also applies to control points… you don’t (or rarely?) lose a CP so capturing it is usually a once off chunk of XP which is obviously better on the tail end of the level cap

      you should totally do your main missions when you’re equal or one / two levels above (depending on how likely you’re going to die if you’re solo).

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