Man Makes A Real Version Of Sekiro’s Umbrella Shield

Man Makes A Real Version Of Sekiro’s Umbrella Shield
Gif: <a href="">Colin Furze</a>

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there is a metal umbrella that can protect against attacks. Inventor Colin Furze decided to make a real-world version and then shoot firecrackers and fire at himself.

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The original in-game Loaded Umbrella is quite a stylised concept, so it’s neat to see that a real-world version does work as an actual shield.

Here is how it was made.


  • That is pretty cool, basic but surprisingly functional (for fireworks, sparks and flames at least)
    The way it curves under its own weight after extension was an especially neat result.

    On another note, I was a little alarmed how much trust he put in the shield. (Though I would wager he did some safety tests)

  • Colin Furze is the real MVP! such a ballsy backyard inventor, not afraid to give it a crack and try his own crazy arse inventions. Check the rest of his channel if you haven’t already.

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