Mass Effect 2 With AI Upscaling Looks Fantastic

Mass Effect 2 With AI Upscaling Looks Fantastic

Now that modders have got their hands on upscaling tools, all sorts of games are looking a hell of a lot nicer. Case in point: Mass Effect 2.

The ALOT mod for Mass Effect 2 was already a must-have download for any Mass Effect playthrough. A collaboration project, the mod had already added over 1200 upgraded textures to bring character models, environments, weapons, and interiors into the modern age.

But like a lot of other games recently, neural networks can do a hell of a job when it comes to making textures look even better. So the team behind ALOT decided to run their Mass Effect 2 textures through the Gigapixel machine learning upscaler, boosting the mercenary armour textures to either 2K or 4K along with some others.

mass effect trilogy remastered

All images: A Lot of Textures mod (NexusMods)

Pretty solid reason to bust out Mass Effect 2 again. The instructions for installing the ALOT mod can be found in the description here.


  • A directors cut remaster of the trilogy would be much appreciated (from a console peasant perspective). ME2 is certainly in my top 5 of all time.

    • +1

      I think its the best series I’ve played. It’d be awesome to be able to play it all again with souped-up textures and lovely frame-rates.

    • +1000, it surely wouldnt take much, upgrade textures, improved lighting. If they wanted to go all out, maybe bring in the shooting mechanics from 2/3 into 1.

    • Would definitely play this.

      It would be awesome if they reduced the ME1 load times, those elevators were a killer.

  • I’d like to see the ME trilogy done in the Anthem style. Large open world environments so you can really let loose with your abilities rather than corridor shouter.

  • I’m sure it has been said before but the ME:EU would be such a great show for TV. I really like the idea of Spectres being fully weaponised investigators who not only don’t get intimidated but are one-man armies unto themselves. It makes me think of WH:40K Inquisitor(but a lot less religious fanatic cop) but in a cleaner more TV-friendly universe setting.

  • I want to see this used as a compression technique. Download much smaller files and then use the upscaler to ‘unpack’ them. I’m sure that with a bit of tweaking you could get the compression to include exactly the right details for the AI to do its thing.

    • Funnily enough I always thought the other way around would be better – procedural texture generation and vector-based line work would allow for small source files which can be rendered to a target resolution after adjusting detail settings (like some of the old 4kb game demos, or procedural texture generation applications) – makes the upscaling mostly redundant unless needing to work with complex raster images like photos which might not be able to leverage some of the other scaling techniques.

  • I loved ME2 and is still my fave in the series although the environmental textures were absolutely terrible and really spoilt the immersion for me.

  • Author of ALOT here. While we are in fact using AI Upscaling tools to improve new texture upscales, what kotaku claims is pretty damn wrong. Grunt in particular hasn’t been upscaled with AI, it’s an “old” (2014 ? Something like that), handmade texture by JeanLuc761…

    We aren’t using just AI either, there’s still a lot of manual work. There is no way Grunt would look that good with just AI upscaling. It’d look less blurry than classic algorithms, but still pretty bad.

    • Hey mate, Alex here. So in the changelogs, there was this note:

      Upscaled all ME2 merc armors and some others to 4K (diff, norm) and 2K (strp and tint) with Gigapixel. Huge improvement compared to the previous textures

      So what texture upscales were used with Gigapixel, just so I have this right?

      I’ve taken out the Grunt one and updated the post for accuracy.

      • I didn’t expect an answer, you have my thanks.

        What you have to understand is that I didn’t upscale anything with just Gigapixel. Gigapixel is a tool to start a retexture, it can’t do everything by itself. Also, while the changelog does state that I use it, you extrapolated that to all the textures in ALOT, which is plain wrong.

        I made an imgur album with several examples to show you the difference between several algorithms, as well as a comparison between the Gigapixel Grunt and the actual one used in ALOT :
        You can use these pictures in the article if you want. Sure, it doesn’t look as exciting as screenshots of gameplay, but at least it’s accurate.

        Regarding the Terminus and Inferno armor screenshot you added, I did use Gigapixel for these. But not just Gigapixel, I also went into the gamefiles to find some unused high resolution assets as a base for the upscale. It wouldn’t look nearly as good otherwise.

        I could talk about this a lot more. If you’re interested, shoot me a PM on Nexus.

        • This is really cool! And thank you for that (I’d have used some shots from that if I’d known it before).

          I wouldn’t mind having a chat further about this, because I think we’re gonna see more of this used in more mods, so it’d be great to have a chat.

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