Monitor Saves Gamer From Stray Bullet

Monitor Saves Gamer From Stray Bullet
Image: <a href="">Eric Gan</a>

PC monitors aren’t typically the most flexible or lightweight devices, but for one gamer that bulk has proven to be a literal lifesaver.

Californian Eric Gan was sitting in his room, gaming on a Monday night as many of us do. But Gan doesn’t live in the best neighbourhood, as was evidenced by the shots that he suddenly heard.

Having shots around your house is bad enough. Even worse is when those bullets suddenly start flying through your house.

One of those ended up flying directly in the direction of Gan and his friend’s room. Around five shots went through the room in total, with one of the bullets flying directly into – and being stopped by – his MSI Optix gaming monitor:

Amazingly, the monitor still works just fine. The bullet went through the back of the wall before being lodged in the rear of the chassis.

MSI’s American team, to their credit, got in touch with Gan earlier today. They even offered a replacement 27″ 240Hz gaming monitor, even though the screen still works pretty well:

Most importantly, neither Gan or his friend were hurt.

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    • They wont.

      I mean its telling when they defend their rights to own guns even when children are slaughtered at school,

      Yet at the same time fighting against universal healthcare because that’s apparently dirty socialism and will somehow lead to a socialist dictatorship or something. At least that’s how Fox News puts it.

    • Not gonna happen, there’s a reason why you see a lot of politicians talking about gun control and why they also never attempt to do anything about it.
      The gun control debate has been a profitable endeavour for both sides for far too long and is nowhere near as tense and stand-offish as they like to portray it as.

      It’s just a well established financial cycle now.

  • That’s an awesome story! Kudos to MSI for their generous offer.

    Just as an aside: This is my fav site, but damn, you guys have a lot of ads on the pages now! Just measuring by scrolling down the screen (for me, a 21.5″ 2015 iMac), the article takes up 4 pages, and is followed by 6 pages of ads. I’m surprised anyone can find the comments. I know it pays for the site but it’s a whole lot of spam confetti to trawl through.

    • I tried turning off my Ad Blocker once. Completely intolerable. Go out and get one. I still get some ads down the side but the rest is much better. No one should have to put up with that many ads

      • Thanks, Troutmonkey! Just got the Firefox extension of AdBlocker Ultimate.. Now only the Kotaku sponsored ones are coming through. Already heaps better, though. Thanks 🙂

        • Just to mention again – if you can air any specifics about it directly to me (or via email is good – [email protected]) it actually helps with that stuff! Hard to take a case to change things on that front when there isn’t a volume of complaints that we can point to.

          • Alex I love ya man, but the ads are constantly talked about and the conversation is always like the above.

            Someone says its bad, then someone replies “shields up” (ad blocker on) and it mostly goes away.

            No actual empirical data to support this but I would say 80% of people run an ad blocker, this is a PC centric(sp) site and most of us know how it works.

            It’s a shame for the site because I understand how ad revenue works.

          • This is a problem on a lot of sites. It’s understandable to use adds to provide revenue to maintain the site and even make some money. When the ads are reasonable I for one, am happy to white list the site in the ad blocker. But there’s a point where the quantity of ads becomes ridiculous and I’m never gonna white list it.

          • Agreed, to the point where one will pop in mid paragraph while reading an article! If it’s just off to the side I don’t care but when it starts interrupting your reading experience it’s infuriating.

          • don’t forget all those anti-adblocker script false positives making it pointless to bother whitelisting a lot of sites anyway

          • It’s not just the volume of ads; it’s also the way they seem to constantly load in, shifting the page up and up while I’m trying to read the article!

          • Yeah that’s the sort of thing that will absolutely make me use an adblocker on a site. If they’re in the sidebar, or at the top of the page, that’s cool. But when you scroll the page and they’re in the middle of an article. Or worse, dynamically loading during the article *ugh*.

          • I would never, ever come here without my Ublock Origin extension running – the ads are ridiculous.

  • Do they make the backs of MSI monitors out of old Nokia phones? That’s crazy that it didn’t even make it into the internal components. Very lucky too (maybe not so lucky to have bullets flying at you for no reason in the first place).

    • To be fair, it’s probably the fact it’s gone through a wall (possibly more than one) more than the monitor that stopped the bullet. But my first thought was of the old nokias too 🙂

  • That’s a sweet monitor. Which is to say, if you have the money for that kind of setup, maybe divert some funds to get the hell away from that neighborhood?

      • It’s like when people get angry at homeless for having a smart phone. I mean a $300 phone is like around weeks worth of rent, while a smart phone gives you a link to all the services you need to actually get the support you need.

      • Obviously, I’m not talking about the cost of the monitor itself. Rather, of a cushy enough financial situation to entertain such a non-essential luxury expense (AUD500+). I have it rather easy nowadays and I’d think twice about purchasing something like that. Now, if I for a second considered that /my life/ is at risk, well, I’d pull all stops to make myself safer.

        • I’d stop and think about the situation more.

          For a start you don’t know whether he’s actually in a bad neighbourhood. The article says it, but in a somewhat joking tone. It is entirely possible he’s in a decent neighbourhood where there’s been a shooting. It happens.

          Even if he’s in a bad neighbourhood, he could have been forced to move there by circumstance (lost his job for example) and had the monitor before he moved. Or it could be a gift.

          And hell, he could be trying to move out to a better neighbourhood. The difference between a decent monitor and a *nice* one is bugger all cost-wise. But it might make a huge difference in other ways. Maybe he bought that monitor because he’s a student doing game dev work?

          Or heck, maybe he’s doing really well financially, but he’s got family and friends in the area that he doesn’t want to abandon.

          • All fair considerations. Until the thing at stake is one’s life, I’d think, which is the point of my original comment, rather than criticising his purchase of a gaming monitor. In other words, is less a “why are you buying expensive monitors while your life is at risk?” and more “your life is at risk and your choice of expensive luxury items hints to me that you’re in a situation with enough financial flexibility that may make moving and potentially saving your life less of a pain than it could be, so get on it!”

          • I know what you’re saying but the truth of the matter is it’s exceedingly hard to get out of poor circumstances. There’s not just the immediate barrier of cost when it comes to moving, there are ongoing ones afterwards. There’s no point saying “Yay I’ve saved $500 by not buying a monitor now I can afford one week rent somewhere nicer”. Because after that one week what happens?

            It’s why a lot of the people who win big prizes (like the lotto) actually wind up badly in debt. They spend their money on a new car and a big house in a nice neighbourhood then realise “oh shit I can’t afford the increased rates, insurance, electricity and maintenance costs”.

            So until a person can sustain a “better” lifestyle on a long term basis moving probably isn’t an option.

          • Perhaps I say this from a place of privilege where I have never been badly in debt for anything for too long, but I’d rather skip the joint at whatever cost it takes and try to deal with the fallout later, than taking a random shot to the head that ends everything then and there.

          • I absolutely understand what you’re saying and in a sense I agree with you. I mean it’s logical and sensible to want to live somewhere nicer and safer. But it really isn’t an option for some people. They’d wind up going from having a place to live in a terrible neighbourhood to living somewhere nice for a few weeks then just having to move back to a bad neighourhood. Or worse, ending up homeless.

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