Neon Genesis Evangelion Finally Hits Netflix June 21

Neon Genesis Evangelion Finally Hits Netflix June 21

It’s time to get in the robot.

After confirming late last year that it had acquired the streaming rights to Hideaki Anno’s legendary mecha anime/psychedelic existential crisis simulator Neon Genesis Evangelion, Netflix has now revealed that the entire 26 episode series — as well as the movies Evangelion: Death True² and The End of Evangelion — will, at last, hit the streaming service on June 21.

Crank up the Yoko Takahashi and check out the reveal trailer below:

For years, obtaining access to Evangelion legally outside of Japan has been a tempestuous effort for fans. It’s never actually been available to stream digitally before this, and if you wanted physical copies of the series you had to rely on the aftermarket out-of-print DVD collections.

Having the series on Netflix in this quality is a huge boon — not just for diehard fans who get to relive it all over again in one conveniently bingeable place, but for newcomers who can now easily access one of the most lauded, most influential anime series of all time.

If you’re one of those newcomers? Welcome. You’re in for one bloody hell of a trip. Neon Genesis Evangelion hits Netflix worldwide June 21.


  • Ahh Evangelion, the anime that answers the question “what if a man on the brink of suicide, with his life falling apart around him, was allowed to make Gundam?”

  • This is great, and I loved watching it twenty years ago, but I’d just like them to finish remarking the series, and I’ll just watch that instead. One film to go, that just seems to take forever to make…

    • Seriously?? Oh my God!! Do not wait. Movie 1 and 2 cover most of the series, with the end of 2 and from 3 completely changing it.

      Movie 1 is pretty close to the series and slow in pace though. 2 is just magnificent!

    • Anno is doing Godzilla first before we get Rebuild Eva 4.0.

      If they redid the whole thing and left all the story beats intact, just literally redid the animation using more modern methods I’m on board for that too

  • Are they actually robots though?
    My conclusion is that they’re just giant corpses in an exoskeleton.

    • *pushes glasses in as they catch a light reflection that turns them entirely white* That is objectively inaccurate.

      Now you have the choice to walk on and let this pretentious weeb sit by himself, or you can interact and get dragged into an unnecessarily detailed lecture on the topic.

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