NES Game On Switch Needs Manual, Doesn’t Have One

NES Game On Switch Needs Manual, Doesn’t Have One

Startropics was a NES game that had a secret code hidden in its manual that you needed to complete the game. When it was re-released on Wii U there was a digital version of the booklet, so it was OK, but now that it’s back again on the Switch we have a problem.

The latest port doesn’t include the booklet—or even a scan of the page you need to progress — leaving anyone unsure of what to do, or perhaps unaware that video games used to ship alongside actual paper books, stuck.

ImageBooJoh” loading=”lazy” > A scan of the original “hidden ink” message from the NES version | Image: BooJoh

The original, as this Reddit post points out, used to have a very cool trick where a seemingly innocuous letter had to be dipped in water, after which it would reveal some hidden ink that showed the answer.

The Wii U release included a scan of this information, but the Switch port has none of it, meaning that yes, for once in your life old-timer, you get to literally say “this game is unplayable without the manual”.

For the record, and in case you ever get stuck, the code is “747″.


  • You kids and your new fandangled intermanet… back in my day we had to pirate these things with a photocopier!

    • Aye, but them game publishers got cleaver on us.

      Took me a ‘ole week end to hand copy the SimCity red card.


  • I hate so much that they ditched manuals on the Wii U, but at least they gave us digital manuals in their place. Now they’ve gone and ditched those too for Switch.

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