Play Naked Dance Dance Revolution At This Love Hotel In Japan

Play Naked Dance Dance Revolution At This Love Hotel In Japan

In Japan, Love Hotels are specifically designed as places where folks can go and have sex. At Hotel Eldia, when they’re done with that, they can play arcade games.

As Livedoor News reports, room 211 at Hotel Eldia in Kobe has a Dance Dance Revolution Supernova machine. The room is available for two hours for 6,490 yen ($82) on weekdays and 7,490 yen ($95) on weekends and holidays.

It’s not the only room in the hotel with a music game. Room 215 also has a Taiko no Tatsujin machine. You can play that too when you’re naked!

Interestingly, this isn’t the first love hotel in Japan to have a DDR machine. Back in 2013, a love hotel in Yamagata Prefecture had one, too.

Besides rhythm games, Hotel Eldia also has a slide, which isn’t a first for love hotels. However, that same room also has a rock-climbing wall.

There really is a lot to do at Hotel Eldia.


  • I love me a good Love Hotel. They are actually a REALLY nice dating experience and the staff are always lovely and just do everything they can to ensure you enjoy your brief, roughly three hour stay. It may seem seedy at first glance, but these places facilitate on-the-go coupling in a manner that other countries don’t provide.

    • Whenever I’m in Japan, I stay at them as proper hotels. They cost about the same price, but are much nicer inside, have free drinks and snacks, and are usually located right near train stations in the city.

      • Yeah, my youngest bro does that due to their proximity to trains. I go a bit stupid and rent a nice apartment so it feels like I live there. Bring old consoles and everything. It’s a good country for doing only a couple of regions each visit.

        • Each city is almost a different culture, so it’s really worth it to just pick a place and stay for a few weeks. It gives you a lot of time to just wander the streets.

          My trips are usually pretty travel heavy, so they work well for me. I lived there a long time, so I’m usually there to go hiking and visit friends who are all inconsiderate enough to be scattered all over the country.

  • Yeah I’m not sure playing that drumming game is flattering to nudes of either gender.

  • Man. I’d stay at one just to have access to the arcade machines all weekend. How come actual hotels can’t be this cool?


    …have to keep the blinds down… not sure the neighbours would appreciate two tennis balls bouncing around…

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