Pokemon Gun Meme Becomes Actual Fake News

A new Pokemon is a big deal, even in mainstream and local press that ordinarily ignore video games. But one newspaper seemed to think there were three new Pokemon titles this year.

The image appeared online courtesy of Twitter user @cin_ceja, and came from Mexican newspaper La voz de Michoacan. A post announcing the new Pokemon games is still available on the site, and while the post doesn't mention the fake Pokemon Gun in the text, there's still an embedded tweet with the fake logo.

The picture has been making the rounds on Reddit as well, with users finally realising why poor Sobble looks anxious all the time: because Grookey's got a bloody gun pointed in their direction.

Pokemon Gun, very obviously, is just a harmless meme. And as you'd expect, the internet is having plenty of fun with the mistake:





Just another reason to hope Scorbunny doesn't end up as a Fighting type. Fighting ain't gonna be much use against a Glock.

[Thanks, Destructoid!]


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