Report: Nintendo Is Releasing Two New Switch Models

Report: Nintendo Is Releasing Two New Switch Models

Expanding on a rumour they first published last year, The Wall Street Journal now reports that Nintendo is planning on releasing two new models of the Switch, and both may be out in 2019.

Report: New Nintendo Switch Model Coming In 2019

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo will be introducing a new version of its popular Switch console next year.

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The second model “is a cheaper option for casual gamers that Nintendo sees as a successor to its ageing hand-held 3DS device.” The Wall Street Journal cites both parts suppliers and software developers in their report.

It’s claimed that the cheaper model will cut costs by removing features, with vibration specifically cited.

The WSJ say both new versions are expected to be announced at E3, “and possibly released a few months later” in time for both Christmas and the release of new games like Pokemon Sword & Shield and Animal Crossing.

The possibility of two new models is an interesting one. I think most people polled after the first report would have guessed that a new Switch would be either a cheaper replacement for the 3DS or a souped-up console for fanboys. Getting both would be wild.


  • I’d kill for better range on the bloody dock or just the Switch in general. I move five feet away from that thing and I swear my Pro Controller and Joycons start getting laggy.

    • Yeah my joycons do the same. But it will be interesting to see what the new enhanced version has hardware wise.

    • Yeah it boggles my mind how they have such poor limits.

      I live in a brick house and i can take my Xbox controller with the headphones attached into another room and still hear the audio perfectly through a brick wall.

      • Xbox in particular uses a custom wifi approach, whilst PS + Switch uses bluetooth, with vastly different ranges and latency.

        • Clearly, Xbox’s method is vastly superior to bluetooth then. Id rathet more companies use their method rather than bluetooth.

    • Are your joy-cons/pro controller from launch?

      I had huge issues with my original joy-cons.. even posted about it here.
      EB Games told me a number of people has the same issue and replaced them with new ones. Now I can play from the other room.

    • They require a clear path. Make sure there is nothing obstruction the distance from you to the console. I know its stupid but when i put my console right in front of the tv its perfect

    • I’ve noticed Joy Cons have issues with being behind crossed legs etc but the Pro has been flawless. This is the first I’ve ever heard of it.

    • Yep. If a souped up docking station were to be available I’d buy instantly and keep the old dock at my brothers place so I don’t have to keep setting up every time I visit

    • For me it’s docked mode that’s perfect. Can carry the pro controller all the way out to the kitchen mashing A to get through Splatoon’s news and it stays connected, but if I’m in tabletop then I can get laggy and dropped inputs despite being within a foot or two of the console.

  • As a life long early adopter, this new trend irks me.

    If I wanted incremental change in my games consoles I world have kept playing on my PC.

    • a PC, if built well, can last a hole console gen. The reason the consoles are now doing this is due, in large part, to the constant push on PC, especially with how quickly things are getting better now.

      • Tru, built my pc 4-5 years ago and can still run most games on medium-high.

    • Interesting fact. You dont have to buy each little upgrade. There you go problem fixed. Just upgrade when you want to.
      IMO more choice is better, as long as they don’t cut off support for the older versions abnormally quickly (like how they haven’t with base PS4 and xbox one) then its all good, literally doesn’t affect people who bought early.

    • Your original console will work just fine.

      I find it SUPER weird when people complain about a newer, better console being announced. If you dont want it, dont buy it. Its not like they are making the original switch obsolete.

    • You can still keep using your original Switch, nothing changes in your own experience because a new model comes out.

      • wtf are you talking about? A new revision of the console comes out that could potentially have improved performance for many games – but sure ‘just don’t buy it an accept your slower experience’…

      • I’d historically agree, but after buying a 3DS XL, then finding out that SNES games would only be on the “New 3DS” I am untrusting of these incremental model updates.

    • This is exactly why I’m not an early adopter. The first model of consoles often have a number of issues that are ironed out in later revisions (such as operating noise), not to mention that we now see mid generation upgrades that are much better than the base versions.

      It’s because of this that I’m going to hold off getting a PlayStation 5 for at least a few years while I game on my PC. By that time all the games I want are really cheap, too … then I get to binge on entertainment for a good stint rather than eyeballing a calendar for releases.

  • Killing vibration, as in in the joycons? I can’t see that being worthy of being a edition of a switch.

    Plus games like mario party “require” the vibration feature, so cutting something like that out kinda makes some stuff in the game unplayable

    • The budget version may have non-detachable controllers, which wouldn’t work for Mario party anyway.

    • I think the idea behind the no vibration one is that the joycons can’t be detached, making it a portable only console. You can’t play Super Mario Party without the joycons (bad design choice but that’s just me), so yes, Mario Party would be unplayable unless you can connect other joycons to it.

  • Just make the same thing, take away the bezel, and make it 1080p in handheld. Easy

  • Hey easy Alex Walker we’re just getting things started and as the Wall Street Journal said two new Nintendo Switch models will be announced at this year’s E3 and will be released in time for Christmas and for the release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield along with Animal Crossing.
    Just chill out Alex Walker we’re just getting things started.

    • Man this bot account suprises me with every post.

      Who is we?

      Is James Thornton a secret nintendo employee?

      • I’m beginning to think it’s legit not a bot as he’s responded to non-nintendo posts with juuuust enough humanity to make him seem real. The mystery of James Thornton continues

    i’m not buying the same generation console twice. Just do it right the first time.

    • Tech changes and gets cheaper over time. From R and D in a new console to launch of like 2 years. Switch has been out for nearly 18 months. So thats getting close to 4 year old tech. On a budget.

      If they want longevity in the system, they have to improve on a shorter timeline to the original R and D.

    • Don’t buy it?

      I never bought a switch because I find it pretty underwhelming for the price, so a new model might interest me.

  • They say it wont compete with an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro but will it at least finally compete with a base model of these two consoles?

  • I can only think this is a good thing. If it means a life span and support like the DS eco system, then I’m all for it.

    Plus a crisper screen and with a bit more grunt might be nice too!

  • Gah, I’m gonna be pissed if the rumour of the “avid gamer” model comes out, didn’t expect a Nintendo version of the xbone one x to ever happen god damn it.

  • It’s frustrating how effective this would be on me.

    All they’d need is to bump the resolution up on Zelda to 1080p and I’d be $500 lighter.

    • I’m guessing they’d be keeping it at 720 for battery concenrs. They’ll probably be able to pack in a better battery, but upping the resolution would drop the battery life back down to launch Switch levels.

      Though hopefully it would eliminate the issue where docked games have framerate issues. That’d be a huge plus.

  • Yeah, I’ll believe this when it’s announced. Pretty sure the same outfit was certain we’d get a Switch mini mid 2018.

  • I’m assuming the higher up model will use the newer tegra chip and the cheaper model will probably continue to use the older chip and not come with the dock.

    I’m also assuming the jailbreak exploit access will be completely removed 🙁

    Personally, i’m hoping for a gorilla glass screen – the plastic screen is crap.

  • No djbear I’m not a Nintendo employee I’m currently unemployed and I’n a huge Nintendo fan and that’s the reason why I’m writing this comment to let you know about the two Nintendo Switch models that are due to be announced at this year’s E3 and that Nintendo is due to release in 2019 as reported by the Wall Street Journal.
    But as the Wall Street Journal said the two new Nintendo Switch models will not be as powerful as Sony’s PS4 Pro or Microsoft’s Xbox One X.
    So again djbear no I’m not a Nintendo employee I’m currently unemployed and I’m still a huge Nintendo fan.

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