Lot of good guesses yesterday, but nobody nailed Heaven and Earth, a classic puzzle game from the start of the '90s.

No matter - maybe you'll have better luck with today's game.

Good luck!


    The Witness?

    3 years later and I still see those damn patterns everywhere

    Unconvincingly I'll ante up with The Witness, why not?

      I'd be shocked and impressed at Alex's subterfuge if it isn't.

      Such a wonderful game.

        The Witness puzzles didn't have a closed circle at the end, just a a rounded end. So unless it's some obscure world puzzle I don't remember it's probably not The Witness.

    That carnival game where you move the metal hoop around an electrified wire. Hoop hits the wire and you get a shock. 3 shocks and you pay the man more money to try again.

    Goddamn, I saw this one earlier today, then 12 hours later had a eureka moment of 'The Witness'... and 3 other people got it already. x.x ;P

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