Sekiro, As Told By Steam Reviews

Have you ever hated and loved a game at the same time?

That's a great way of summing up the experience gamers have had with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It's like eating too much chilli, and then going back and having some more because the high from the endorphins makes up for the tears. Sekiro's brutal and often unfair battles have struck a chord amongst PC gamers, who have given FromSoftware's latest release an 84% user rating from more than 8700 reviews at the time of writing.

The setting of Sengoku Japan and the overall aesthetic have been universally praised among reviews, with others welcoming the faster style of combat from Bloodborne and the Souls games. Souls veterans also called out how Sekiro brings back the feeling of playing a Souls game for the first time, given the difference in combat and approach from previous titles.

Negative reviews have cited the lack of customisation compared to Bloodborne as a major failing. Others raised issue with the amount of repetition, and the general reliance of the parry system throughout. The lack of support for widescreen resolutions, buffing out of boss fights through effectively multiple health bars, and lack of variety amongst normal enemies were also criticised.

Here's what Steam users are saying about Sekiro:


    Enjoying it/want to smash my controller simultaneously.
    Not a dark souls game, don’t expect it to be.
    Persist and practice and it will click.

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