These Sekiro Shots Are Truly Breathtaking

These Sekiro Shots Are Truly Breathtaking
Image: <a href="">Flickr (Ichisake)</a>

FromSoftware games always have a stunning aesthetic, which is why users are heartbroken that the game hasn’t shipped with a proper photo mode. But that hasn’t stopped the video game photographers and screenshotting community.

We’ve become accustomed to having Photo Mode in games as a launch option. Most Photo Modes are rather restricted, and some games – like Sekiro – don’t ship with one at all.

But the world of screenshotters and video game photographers are used to this. It wasn’t that long ago that you had to Google guides on how to use Cheat Engine, Reshade and other third party injectors if you wanted to unlock a game’s potential.

So when Sekiro shipped without a photo mode, the community thought: no problem. We’re used to that. So until FromSoftware hand over the keys to the castle, here’s what fans have been putting together with the help of a custom Cheat Engine table (courtesy of legendary screenshotter jim2point0) and some post-processing tweaks.


These Sekiro Shots Are Truly BreathtakingImage: Twitter (@HappyLoubear)


Image: Flickr (Ichisake)

These Sekiro Shots Are Truly BreathtakingImage: Scarlizz

Image: Scarlizz

There’s some truly stunning albums out there already. At this rate, we might not even need a proper Photo Mode.


  • Hi. I’ve been getting into Virtual Photography through both photomodes and easy to use tools like Reshade and Nvidia Ansel. I am having a hard time understanding photo injectors such as this one by Jim2point0 or Frans Bouma camera tools. If somebody can steer me in the right direction on where to learn, I would appreciate it very much. I’m seeing ideas in Sekiro for photos and I really would love to move that camera. Thank-you!

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