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  • Guess who’s addicted to Another Eden? This guy! (no seriously, it is amazing and i hate whoever suggested it because I will never get my life back again but also thank you)

    • I’ll take the credit for that one! Glad you gave it a chance 🙂 Where (or should that be ‘when’) are you up to, what characters are you using, etc?

      • I had to stop as I started hurting my left thumb XD
        I stopped just before the palace, near actuel. I had Aldo, Mia, Riica, May, Breen, and a couple of others. I try to keep them all the same level.

  • Hey TAY! I’m back…

    … hello? TAY? You still with me?

    I am kicking myself for not playing the Mass Effect games sooner. I’m maybe a quarter of the way through ME3, and these games are boss.

    • While I have no intention of buying Anthem (I like single player games with a side of MP), I would like to point out that that article focuses on physical sales. I’d guess that most are digital.


      But it’s probably not good over at Bioware.

      • News media has been doing that a bit lately. There was an article I saw recently claiming that Metro Exodus increased sales by 50% over Last Light in its first week in the UK, which sounded suspicious given the Epic store move. Read through and they either glossed over or failed to mention at all that they were talking about physical sales only, and that Last Light only sold 50,000 physical in its first week in the UK to begin with. So basically, ‘50%’ sounds bigger than ‘25,000 more copies’, but is certainly more deceptive.

        • Said something similar on another thread the other day. Almost every story these days focuses on the negative to generate clicks, and ignores the facts that undermine the negative aspects, just to make that negative seem worse.

          The opposite also happens when someone deems a game to be The Game Of The Year. They gloss over the negatives, deeming them insignificant compared to what they think makes a game good.

          Say they liked Anthem. The story would focus on how ‘a record 90% of sales were digital’ or something like that, ignoring that you just cant actually buy a physical copy in a lot of locations.

          Makes it really hard to get a proper picture of where a game is at.

    • When I went looking through the stores yesterday, I couldn’t find a regular PC copy of Anthem on any shelf. XB and PS, no prob, but couldn’t find PC anywhere which was the platform I was leaning toward. EB might have had a special edition for $120 or something like that, which wasn’t what I was looking for, but no regular versions. That’s not uncommon these days.

      Then, when looking through the Origin store last night, the service pushes you to the subscription model very heavily, making it a bit of a nuisance to get through to buying just the game. Which had a steep price as well, something like $90. Mostly to push you back to the far cheaper (in the short term that is) $20 a month option.

      Point being, its hard to directly buy the game. Which means its hard to say how many players there are actually playing. The story focuses on something that’s not the main entry point any more, so less and less relevant.

      Even the article you link says it. These days, 80% of sales are digital. I expect PC is much higher than that.

      That’s not saying that consoles sales are great by the way, just that the article isn’t able to tell the full story.

      • There’s quite a few JB’s near me that have PC copies for $79, but even the retail box copy is just an Origin download code.

        Hell, I preordered from JB (they had a launch day price of $66), and they sent me what was effectively a 20-char Origin code in a 5kg express post package padded with cardboard and bubble-wrap. They then sent me the other 20-char code for the preorder bonus via email…

        • Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

          I had a pretty hectic weekend so was going to give it a few days, but decided to just look around yesterday now things have settled back down, and it was just as obvious as ever that stores don’t care about stocking PC stuff any more. They seem to have all just accepted that we are going to buy online.

          Doesn’t mean they don’t do launch stuff, like you got with JB, just that after launch you wont see anything. All I see are cheap combo packs or old or crap games, Sims, and Blizzard in both JB and EB here in Wollongong.

          Even if they did do a launch Anthem offer, it was behind the counter here and not on the shelves.

  • Been playing Resident Evil: Code Veronica X & Resident Evil 5 co-op

    I want more REmakes please Capcom – please pass on my request Kotaku

    • Resident Evil 5 co-op is some of the best implemented co-op I’ve ever played. I never felt like it was getting in the way of the game. Both single player and co-op feel like the way the game is meant to be played which mirrors my love of the way other Resident Evil games play seamlessly as both survival horror stories and speed run gauntlets.

  • For those that were keeping score on my poker stuff a week or so ago, I ended up missing out on the ticket I was chasing. 2nd three times in three days for a ticket, so kinda annoying.

    The last time was the worst, as it was effectively something in my control a couple of times over the week. On the plus side, I made about $3000 over those three days, so could just buy in if I wanted.

    In mostly unrelated news, I was talking to a poker friend (that’s the only related part) about what I’m thinking of doing once I finish up here in a couple of months. One idea is to waste time making a game or two, just to see how I go.

    Anyhow, telling this friend this he lets loose with the most interesting tidbit that he’s Junglist’s uncle… Tell THAT story to one of the bosses here who games, and she decides that’s a nice time to reveal that her brother in law was one of the hosts on a gaming show on Ten about a decade ago.

    Right under my nose this whole time and I never knew…

  • Started up the Suikoden series again. Playing on the PS3 so it isn’t all bad. Unfortunately I’ll have to dust off the PS2 when I finally get around to playing Suikoden V.

  • Can I tag @teganjones on here? Would do it on the Gizmodo post, but they don’t allow comments for some reason.

    The Overland trail is freaking incredible – we did it a couple of years back, it’s totally worth it and is relatively easy as far as multi-day hikes go; just make sure you have some good waterproof boots as the trail gets hella muddy.

    If you’re into hiking, I’d recommend picking up an old Nokia 3310/3315 and popping a prepaid Telstra SIM in it to use as your emergency phone. Telstra’s coverage is second to none, and the old Nokia phones have great battery life and are virtually indestructible – I can’t remember the exact figure, but I think the battery on the phone lasted for something like 30 days in standby mode.

  • Also, off topic – anyone know why all my comments go straight into moderation? Doesn’t matter what article I’m posting on, I have to end up waiting 3.7 years for any comments to make it through the approval process.

    • I suspect comments get auto-moderated when you haven’t posted in a while. Dropping 3-4 posts in quick succession gets you back up to scratch.

  • Back to gaming!
    I have been juggling playing Dragon Quest Builders and Moonlighter.
    They are similar but also very, very different games.
    Moonlighter is a small indie game where you play as a shop keeper by day and a dungeon crawler at night. (you can dungeon crawl during the day, but you get better loot at night, plus you can’t open your shop at night)

  • Devastated to hear of the death of the legend Keith Flint. The Prodigy were a formative band for me, and I still love them to this day.

    • Was listening to Invaders Must Die when I read the news. Very sad day, they were an amazing band always wanting to push the boundaries. They still are, they’re more than just Flint, but to lose such a frontman cant be easy

  • One of my favourite things of all time is Critical Role – group of nerdy American professional voice actors playing D&D 5E for 3-5 hours at a time on Thursday nights US time (Friday midday here). It’s the best.

    Today they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to create an animated special based on the finished campaign 1 (they’re currently 50 episodes into campaign 2). They have Titmouse onboard to do the animation. As of this post, less than 12 hours in, they’ve raised $3.7 million USD, well beyond their goal.

    If you guys like Critical Role, or just love D&D and want to see a good animated special that might lead to a series in future (we can hope!) check out the Kickstarter campaign.

  • With Ghost Survivors out of the way I think I’m done with Resident Evil 2. Hopefully they’re working on a Directors Cut DLC with 3rd run stories that further separate the plotlines. A mode where you bounce between Leon A and Claire B or Claire A and Leon B for a combined story would be awesome too. They could make it the ultimate Resident Evil game if they could add an official customisable randomiser mode.

    It’s funny, the more satisfying a game is the longer my wishlist gets.

  • Guys, GUYS!


    $10 on GOG. I have been waiting for this for years!

    Today is a good day.

    • But I have the CD-ROM! I have no disc drive on any machine with which to install it, however, which is a small hurdle.

      • Funnily enough, I was digging through some old CDs and found my D1 CD ROM the other day – but also haven’t had an optical drive for years.

        I reached out to a Blizzard employee a few years back, who recommended that I pirate it. I’m glad Blizzard has finally found a way to take my money.

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