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    So I am already done with Apex, I think $20 gave me a good run, but the game needs to be pretty quick with content on such a small map and it just isn't keeping up.

      I only played it once. For three rounds.

      Maybe check back in once the battle pass drops, to see what new content comes with that? Doesn't hurt to take a break if you feel you have got out of the game all it has to offer for now.

      Wow, someone downvoted us cause it's not really our game. How dare we.



    Tickets on sale now. It's 11-13 October.


      Will i be able to afford it? =P

    I'd like kotaku to do a post every now and then on game sound and music design, I'm doing a diploma in sound engineering and want to apply that to my hobby and make it a job. I like the posts with the art and stuff but sound plays a huge part in game immersion and enjoyment

    I made Twitch affiliate status today. I'm pretty happy about that.

      Fun to be had. Thought out your emotes yet?

        Not yet. I'm not in any rush to get them organised so I'll take some time to think about it.

    Any idea how long iiNet takes to send out a technician after you first sign up with them? I called them today and support was absolutely useless. I just need someone to sort out my problem.
    I’m entering week 2 of no internet and I’m out of my fucking mind already.

      They were utterly fantastic when i signed up 3.5 years ago. However, since then they were bought out by TPG and have been slowly gutted.

      My internet went out Saturday morning and didn't come back up until Sunday night. Supposedly it was a planned outage for maintenance on the NBN side but who plans maintenance for the busiest part of the week?

      Further examination of the ticket i lodged with iiNet showed i'd been talking to someone from Cape Town. They were very helpful but it was disappointing to see that the call centers have been moved overseas.

        In my case, apparently I signed up at a bad time. They have a first year half price two year contract and as of yesterday (one week after I signed up) my purchase hadn’t actually been completed.

        Technician is coming out Friday, so there is light at the end of this tunnel.

    Hey can anyone who agrees that this senator Anning needs to get out of parliament and representing Australia sign this petition. I know it's a petition and they don't always work but anything to contribute to this fool somehow stopping his comments seems positive.

      They've pretty much said it won't do anything =( The put in laws in the 1990's to prevent it from being abused.

        That sux but at least it shows that there's currently 1.3 million people against his ideals.

          I agree. Honestly, he'll be lucky to stay in past May

    @alexwalker theres some idiot kethic going around downvoting just about every post. Zero posts to his account, so clearly some troll reason, but they aren't adding anything to the conversation.

    Any way you can block their IP?

    The BFGD's are out now with the HP Omen X Emperium 65, but have they been obsolete by the 2019 range of OLED TVs that have variable refresh capability and HDMI2.1?
    The LG OLED65C9PUA 65" OLED is $1500 cheaper than the Omen, and should look a *lot* better picture wise, and supports Dolby Vision.
    Even their premium OLED65E9PUA will be $700 cheaper than the Omen.
    What advantages does the Omen have over the new breed of OLED TVs?

      I've been using a TV as a monitor for a few years now, and couldn't go back. While they aren't gaming specific and I know there are benefits to a setup designed for gaming, I haven't felt like they've let me down at any time. To see TV's really catch up makes me happy.

      Would g-synch be an advantage over the Kg displays?

        The LG has Variable Refresh Rate to match to the source, so I don't see g-synch being an advantage, though there might be some subtleties there I am unaware of.

    I am hopelessly addicted to Dragon quest builders. I'm up to chapter 3 and have found that I spend more time base building then anything else =P

    @alexwalker Whats going on with the mobile format man? The comment section is just about unusable right now. You literally have to scroll all the way to the bottom quickly and only scroll just to the edge of the comment box or it continues to load an excessive advertisements, my last count was at 24 before they stopped. I get you guys need a source of revenue but its making the community aspect of the site for mobile users really unfriendly.

      What you're talking about there is Taboola, I think, rather than actual ad units.

      Best thing to do is screenshot instances of those - because from what I'm told that should never be happening - and email it through to me so I can alert the right people that can look into that. Ads really aren't my territory.

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