The ’70s Dune Board Game Is Getting Reprinted

The ’70s Dune Board Game Is Getting Reprinted
Shot from the Dune 2 RTS game.

The Dune franchise is well and truly back in business. We’ve already written about how Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel is being brought to life through a series of games, including a new MMO. But it’s not just new titles that are being developed – some classic ones are being brought back to life, including a board game from the ’70s.

Not long after the original Dune novel was released, the trio of creators behind the 1977 tabletop game Cosmic Encounter got together to create a board game spin-off of Dune. The original version of Dune shipped in 1979, and focused on players negotiating and bluffing on the way to control a certain amount of strongholds on Dune.

As Tabletop Gaming notes, a second edition of the Dune board game was re-released in 1984 to accompany David Lynch’s typically bizarre cinematic take on the sci-fi universe. A French edition was re-released in the ’90s, but English editions haven’t been available ever since.

That is, of course, until now. Gale Force Nine, the company behind the licensed Sons of Anarchy board game and Firefly Adventures, announced they were reprinting the game. The announcement was made at the Game Manufacturers Association trade show, with There Will Be Games noting that the reprint was scheduled for released just before the new Dune movie launches next year.

As an added bonus, Gale Force Nine is reportedly working on other tie-in tabletop games, including one for Arrival and another for Blade Runner 2049. Bugger all idea what the last two will look like, but count me in for any spin-off from the Blade Runner universe.


  • Neat. Former boss taught us some boardgame history with original copies of this and Cosmic Encounter, got a bit of a soft spot for ’em.

  • Cool, but is it actually any good? My experience has been that tabletop games from the 70s and 80s tend not to stand up as well against modern games when they’re re-printed without any improvements or changes, especially the complex Euro games.

  • The dialing mechanism in the Dune game is complex, and easy to mess up until after you have played many games. However, Cosmic Encounter is one of the best board games ever made. Have each player start with 4 powers each instead of 1 to permit more fun interactions between your own powers, and an almost infinite variety of games, each wildly different from each other.

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