The Cheapest Copies Of Devil May Cry 5 In Australia

The Cheapest Copies Of Devil May Cry 5 In Australia

It’s been a while since Nero and co. sliced and diced their way through some demons. Let’s fix that this week.

Devil May Cry 5 finally launches later this week, although when precisely you’ll be able to play depends on the platform. The game doesn’t officially until Friday – although whether it unlocks on Steam by Friday morning or Friday afternoon is a bit unclear.

Either way, it’s a weekend full of stylish dodges, sword slashes and summons for all. If you want to jump onto the latest DMC, however, prices will vary. If you want the version of DMC that lets you replace the cut-scenes with the hilariously low-grade live action versions, you’ll have to fork out extra for the Deluxe Edition.

Good god that stuff is amazing. Let’s cover the cost of the base game first.

PS4 / Xbox One

If you’re grabbing the game on console, here’s what you can expect to pay locally.


Not too shabby. Amazon Australia has the best price for the PS4 version, while Ozgameshop are offering the cheapest Xbox One copy – if you’re prepared to wait a while. If not, Harvey Norman is surprisingly competitive.

On the flipside, the digital pricing is still pretty garbage.


Here’s what you can expect to pay on PC:


So that’s the score for now. Bit of a shame that PC prices aren’t a little more competitive – or that Capcom hasn’t even tried to offer competitive pricing on Steam, given how many retailers locally are only stocking the console versions of the game. At least there’s always GMG, and Gamebillet’s deal isn’t half bad either.


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