The Cheapest Copies Of The Division 2 In Australia

The Cheapest Copies Of The Division 2 In Australia

If you’re a budget-conscious consumer, then chances are you haven’t paid the exorbitant prices some places are charging for the special edition of The Division 2. So for you, and most people, the game launches on Friday. And you can grab it for a lot less than $150.

Brick-and-mortar stores are being pretty competitive with all versions of The Division 2, which is neat especially if you’re playing the game on PC. Ubisoft announced recently that it’d be an Epic Store exclusive, although existing Steam keys and pre-orders would be honoured.

The bigger problem is those looking to get the game from third-party retailers. Once the game officially launches on the 15th, stores like Green Man Gaming and others won’t be allowed to sell keys for the game. “After [March 15], the game will digitally only be available through Ubisoft’s Store and another exclusive digital store. This will also be true for all upcoming game content such as Season Pass, Extensions,” UK online retailer Gamesplanet told users.

So if you’re looking to save – especially on PC – you might want to move relatively quickly. For those on consoles, it’s a slightly different story, and that’s where we’ll start.

PS4, Xbox One

JB and Amazon going hard here, which isn’t a surprise. But Harvey Norman competing strongly on the price is a nice sign as well. Mighty Ape have a decent offering here, which isn’t bad if you’re grabbing other stuff from them at the same time (like board games).


As mentioned before, deals for the PC version will become very limited after March 15. That’s when the game becomes exclusive to uPlay and the Epic Games Store, so if you want a deal before then, you’ll have to decide whether to jump on board now or wait for a little after launch.

Update: Fixed GMG’s pricing – the store now sells games in Australian dollars, which is handy to know given the first listing on Google still suggests that they don’t. Sorry for the confusion!

The Epic Store doesn’t support Australian dollars so … yeah, don’t buy through that. It’s still better than what Green Man Gaming are offering, thanks to the Aussie dollar being completely in the shitter right now. And thanks to the Epic Store exclusivity, you can’t take advantage of the Aussie dollar support on Steam, which would have been somewhat equitable all things considered. So, PC fans, your best shot at the moment is either through JB or Amazon Australia. Play Asia charges shipping, so you don’t end up ahead purchasing through them.

So that’s the scoreboard for The Division 2 this week. Who’s jumping in, and who’s holding off until they see reviews and more gameplay – or a price drop?


  • If you have 100 Uplay coins you can convert them into a 20% off discount coupon. This can be used on The Division 2 taking the total price down to $72.

  • I’m stuck at work. Already have it- pre-ordered on Epic because:
    1) I want to support Epic getting into the distribution market, and Ubi for doing business with them
    2) I liked the first one
    Were it not for these two reasons, I wouldn’t have pre-ordered it at all.

    • Yeah epic charging an extra 50% over what you can buy it for elsewhere and being the only way to get it after the 15th is definitely doing all consumers a solid. But hey, fk steam and valve they’re so greedy…lol

      • “CEO Yves Guillemot praises Epic’s terms, but says move was to “increase player exposure to our own store”

        It’s on Epic because Ubi gets a better cut, and consumers will seriously consider using Uplay instead (whereas, if it was on Steam, Uplay would be left in the cold).

        Personally I was quite happy grabbing Metro on the Epic Store ($10 cheaper than Steam)… but I moved to Uplay for Ubi games years ago. Their points system is pretty good.

    • I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but may I ask why you want to support epic? I am genuinely curious!

      • Epic is doing some good things for the industry, even is the segmentation right now isn’t great for consumers. They offer the developers of the game a larger cut when they go through the Epic store right now which puts pressure on Steam to ease up on the 30% cut they are currently taking on all sales for example.

  • I bought it yesterday through green man gaming for $74.50 AUD. A quick check shows it’s still at that price so not sure where the price listed above came from.

  • Direct digital stores always have a massive mark up on their items on PC. They are priced ridiculously compared to the open market. If the are locking it their own platform then it’s a no from me unless they have a 30% off sale to make it competitive to third party stores.

    • The digital market on PC is turning into an outright shitshow. Prices are inflating and region locking is starting to become more prevalent. It’s sad that it’s usually cheaper to buy new releases on consoles, unless you want a physical copy creating additional waste.

      • In NZ they used to be cheaper but local retailers made a fuss and suddenly Steam started advertising games at RRP.

  • Humble also give you 10% if you’re a humble monthly subscriber and for the division 2 they’re giving away a free game (either watch dogs 2, ghost recon, or far cry primal) if you preorder.

    Those games would need to cost at least $20 to edge out JB and Amazon though.

  • Probably going to wait a year. People are singing its praises from beta-testing, but no-one in the history of live service gaming has ever nailed their end-game on the first try, and there’s going to be a lot of QoL to dial in.

    Plus the price will drop.

  • Yep, heading in to JB on the way home tonight to pick it up, and possibly Spiderman too seeing as I haven’t played that yet. (I’ve been holding off for a GOTY edition or something with the DLC, but who knows if that will surface…)

  • I recently built a new machine with an AMD Ryzen CPU and a mid-range AMD graphics card and got Div 2, Res Evil2 and DMC5 for “free”.

    Not sure how long i’ll play for, the Division was good, but the DZ was full kill squads which made it much less fun.

  • I preordered from Amazon and got expedited shipping – got my copy this morning! That’s Prime. Friends in Hobart and Melbourne got theirs early too.

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