The Division 2 Is The Xbox One X’s Best Showcase

The Division 2 Is The Xbox One X’s Best Showcase
Image: Ubisoft

For a while, Ubisoft has been strengthening their reputation for delivering high quality PC ports. But The Division 2 isn’t just a solid PC port and a well performing title across the board – it’s probably the best showcase of the Xbox One X’s potential money can buy.

A technical breakdown courtesy of Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has found that The Division 2 manages to run at a solid 4K – not 1900p, 1800p or something lower – on Xbox One X while holding stable at 30fps. The PS4 Pro doesn’t hit quite the same resolution, but it’s still rather high at 1800p.

Most importantly, the game appears to be coded to drop the resolution and quality of effects to maintain the frame rate. The base Xbox One console is the only one that truly struggles amongst all of the consoles. Outside of that, however, there’s very little to complain about.

If you’re playing on PC, you’re definitely in for a treat. HDR works spectacularly well – you don’t have to muck about with the HDR toggle in Windows Display Settings before launching the game – and the higher screen-space reflections, extra volumetric fog and (my personal favourite) higher res vegetation look smashing.

For the most part, the Xbox One X version appears to be running on what would be the equivalent of medium settings (with some other options enabled) on the PC. The terrain is much flatter on consoles as well, although most people will take that trade off on console to prevent any frame rate drops. Volumetrics are also handled a little bit differently.

A real handy tip to massively boost your performance: drop the resolution scale to 85%, rather than 100%. There’s very little perceptible difference to the image quality when standing still or in motion, but the performance bump you get is absolutely noticeable. That applies whether you’re trying to get an i5 and a lower end GTX card playable at 1440p, or trying to stay above that magic 4K/60fps mark.

Whatever your rig or console, The Division 2 scales damn well. Credit where credit’s due: Ubisoft knocked this one out of the park.


  • I will be willing to say they knocked it out of the park once they fix the unforgivable texture pop ins on consoles, at some points in the game it feels like I am playing Borderlands three. Flat muddy texture with a solid black lines around it.

    Also they really need to put a toggle for those ghastly blur/distortion/strobe effects in UI, the is bordering on unplayable for so many people because of it. I just finished a mission that finished me and broke my brain for the night (minor spoilers for ealry on), the mission in the museum that ends in the room with the jammers, I could barely look at the screen with the hard core UI distortions happening, it was one of the worse things I have seen in gaming in decades, not the mission itself, but the effects those used, it is seriously like they are trying to drive away being with less than perfect eyes. Thankfully I had a flatmate to call in and be my stunt double to finish it.

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