Two Hours From The Division 2 Beta

Two Hours From The Division 2 Beta

Might The Division 2 finally scratch people’s loot shooter itch for 2019? I was wondering a similar thing on the weekend, so I fired up the game and kicked off a little stream to go with it.

With the Epic Games Store giving me a full-size prompt that the open beta was playable, and with not much else to do on Sunday, I figured I’d give the game a shot. My internet connection has also recently gone from “regular Aussie garbage” to something actually passable in 2019, and having spoken about doing more video and streams in a couple of comment threads here, I figured I’d fire up Twitch again.

Everything worked out quite well – minus Windows setting my Blue Yeti to ’90s telephone quality for some reason I can’t quite fathom – so it’s definitely something I’ll look at doing more in the future. The stream ran for long enough to give you an idea of what the opening missions and structure is like, as well as the introduction to the Dark Zone, and the visual quality is solid.

You’ll get the best result watching through Twitch, so the embed for that is below:

But if you’re having troubles with that, or you simply prefer your video content through YouTube, the Kotaku Australia channel there has it as well.

As mentioned, I’ll be testing this out more in the future. When things are more planned in advance, I’ll notify everyone ahead of time through the site as well. And if there’s particular games or things you’d like to see, let me know in the comments!


  • Yeahhhh. With the state Anthem is in right now I don’t see it surviving the coming weeks. Isn’t Destiny 2 releasing an update soon too?

    • tomorrow? I think is Destiny 2 update. Although I don’t know how much content you’ll get if you didn’t spend 100 dollars for xpack + annual pass

      I kind of feel sorry for Anthem, the developers are working hard to implement loot changes, QoL additions, new content and then in swoop Division 2 with basically everything that players are crying out for in Anthem.

      sure running around DC doesn’t compare to flying around in… whatever the heck Anthem is set in but if you’re after a looter shooter, there’s no comparison. maybe if Division 2 launches to crippled servers for a month Anthem will have a chance

      • I don’t feel sorry for them at all man. The game was in development for 6 years. They hyped it to hell and falsely advertised many things that just aren’t true or aren’t in the game at all. Things like shaper storms, “seamless world” and “heaps of customization” in the form of tonnes of armour sets per javelin. When in reality there is only 3 per javelin.

        I just see it as wasted potential. Anthem could have been amazing. They repeated every single mistake Destiny 1/2, Division 1 and Warframe did. Yet they repeated them 6 years after the fact. They learnt nothing. I mean – there is no stats page in Anthem…… Wtf?

        I hope the game gets good – after another 12-18 months development time.

        • Agree, its almost like these days the people making the games don’t actually play. You could sit 10 random “normal” gamers down with Anthem and they would tell you what was wrong with it inside 5 hours.

          Studio works on it for 6 years…. Looks good boss lets ship it!

          • Its an argument I’ve been having for 20 years. Designers do what they think the end user wants, not necessarily what they actually need. When they’re not part of that end user demographic, they cant see the mistakes they make.

            Without going into war and peace, I went through it at work. Had a report dumped on me, so decided to automate it. Along the way, I added an extra page to help business managers… manage. Gave aged cases, a list of cases that failed our standards, and broke productivity down to a team level. Was very effective.

            A senior colleague asked why I bothered, thinking the original report was enough when all it gave was a site wide productivity number. Difference between us was that I’d done the work so knew what the end user really needed to see, and a productivity number wasn’t it.

            That’s what anthem feels like. It felt like they made something they thought the user would like, without understanding the practical use of it. In theory, its a good system, in practice it sucked balls.

            On the plus side, its solvable. Other games have had bigger problems and fixed them, and theres no reason they cant change this.

          • Yet here they are completely ruining the loot drops.

            Go check the Anthem subreddit. It’s on fire at the moment.

  • Not sure if it helps, but my recent update to 1809 on W10 had the game bar from MS turn back on by default.

    it kind of murdered my computer performance, not sure if it will affect mics but hey

    • I’d forcibly turned that off, but I went through that process a while back for some other testing.

      Really hate how Windows turns on a bunch of stuff you very specifically disabled.

      • yea it feels like every feature update you just have to go through all the settings to make sure they are really turned off

  • Its interesting that the beta felt more lifeless than Division 1s beta. Not sure if I am gonna buy it day one, I might wait and see if some mates buy in.

    • My lesson from Division 1 is that the game wasn’t worth playing until a year after launch and to not expect any more than that from similar games.

      My lesson from Destiny 2 is that this still applies to sequels, which can absolutely avoid learning from the mistakes of the previous entry.

      • Never played Division 1, just heard the stories. From my experience playing Division 2 beta though, I’m enjoying it. Not sure of the problems at the launch of Div1 but this doesnt feel flawed to me.

        Any grumbles I have are minor, and often about me needing to git gud… Melee mobs could be toned down a notch, and a few things like that, but they’re small things. So far the shooting has been fine, the loots been fine, and the other stuff has been fine.

        Dont know about the endgame of course, thats the Great Unknown here. Will it be good, or will it be grindy and empty like Destiny 2 was. Either way, whats there is solid, and if it is missing stuff, it seems a strong enough base to add to. Not really fix, but extend.

        • Division 1 was actually very good at launch (a much better state than, say Destiny was at launch), but did suffer from a rough endgame. From memory, Ubisoft actually delayed some DLC at one point to fix the problems with the endgame, and they completely overhauled it and rebalanced the entire game’s loot structure at one point.

          I’m not normally a fan of “HELL YEAH AMERICA”-type games, but I loved the first Division, and am legit looking forward to the sequel.

          • I concur. I think @grunt would be pretty well-served picking up a cheap copy of Division 1 in advance of Div2 coming out, really. I really enjoyed the initial story of Division 1, just for the ‘en media res’ dropping us in to the start of it, building up a base of operations while also simultaneously stumbling across all the recordings and notes and diaries of New Yorkers as the outbreak picked up pace.

            It essentially meant we got multiple stories all unfolding at once, with some of the richest world-building, attention to detail in environmental story-telling, at a wonderfully slow pace in a gorgeous setting.

            The whole exercise was ultimately hamstrung by several things they refused to fix – one, the story couldn’t actually be resolved in any meaningful or satisfying way whatsoever, because you’re meant to log in daily for years afterwards, and secondly, they refused to let your character be an actual character, which resulted in your gormless, faceless player-insertion-avatar mannequin standing there like an idiot while people emote at you to try and convince you that you should care about them.
            By all reports, I hear they fixed the other glaring problem with the game, which was ‘bullet sponge’ enemies. The versimilitude could not stretch so far that it made any kind of sense that you were emptying anywhere up to three full mags of assault rifle ammo into each asshole with a hoodie you came across. Either the entire population of New York transformed into fucking Luke Cage, or you are a fucking psychopath who’s determined to kill people in the slowest, most painful way by using only airsoft pellets.

          • Was thinking of getting it, might do so at lunch. Or tomorrow, not sure yet. I think EB has it cheap at the moment, just not sure what platform. Not that it matters much.

            they refused to let your character be an actual character, which resulted in your gormless, faceless player-insertion-avatar mannequin standing there like an idiot while people emote at you to try and convince you that you should care about them.
            I had noticed that. Having an NPC talk to you, and not giving an iota of acknowledgement was offputting. Not a dealbreaker though, I’m not a snowflake. But it was noticeable.

  • question for you @Alexwalker, why where you playing it through Epic’s launcher instead of just going through Uplay?

  • The Epic games store gave you a prompt?


    Which then prompted you to download Uplay.

    Which then downloaded the game.

    I hate all these stupid launchers.

    • Steam did exactly the same thing with The Division, too. Hated it then, hate it now. I actually looked into grabbing the open beta, and process was a farce, since while Epic launcher did redirect to the uplay launcher, what it DIDN’T do (which Steam DID) was activate the product against your uplay account, meaning that anyone who hadn’t preordered or participated in the previous betas who tried to play needed to go visit the uplay website to link the open beta ‘product’ to their uplay account to avoid having the uplay launcher continually ask for an activation key.

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