The First 45 Minutes From Objects In Space

After years of doing the rounds at PAX Australia and other trade shows, the Aussie-made space trucker Objects in Space is finally out. But if you're not sure what the game is like, here's what to expect from the opening salvo.

The game is inspired heavily by oldschool space sims, although it's sold more as a "2D point-and-click stealth action" game than a run-and-gun Freelancer-style affair. You can customise your ship any way you want, but the early hours of the game will generally be running basic trade missions to and from sectors.

It'll take you about 45 minutes to get through the first chunk of the tutorial, which starts you out on a space station and takes you through the initial docking process. You're also introduced to the narrative hook for the game, which is pretty effective if you haven't seen it already.

I'm actually a big fan already of just the hum of the engines as you roam about space. It reminds me of visiting my Dad when he was working as a chief engineer on merchant ships, just sitting in the cabin listening to the sound of the engine room and the ship do its thing.

Minus the difference in people on board - an oil tanker or ship carrying tons of iron ore has a lot more staff than a space trucker - there's a lot of similarities there. If you enjoy a similar level of solitude from your video games, there's more info about Objects in Space on Steam.


    I've enjoyed "space trucking" all the way back to games like Sundog: Frozen Legacy. Should probably check this one out.

    I want to get this game, but I also feel like playing it on the custom control setup they made for it has completely ruined my ability to play it any other way.

      They've whacked up how to build your own console on the website at

      Super impressive. Only played a little at PAX, but the console is way impressive... but got a bit of Steel Battalions problem in that it'd be great to have, but difficult to store and get (and in this case, make) for one game.

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