The Next Apex Legends Hero Appears, Very Briefly

The Next Apex Legends Hero Appears, Very Briefly

If there’s one thing Apex Legends and Pokemon have in common, it’s the fact that nothing is safe from dataminers. And while Respawn was busy trying to downplay any of their findings, the Origin store went and accidentally proved the dataminers right – for at least one hero.

For weeks, the Apex community has been abuzz about the rumoured name of what was expected to be the next legend: Octane. A picture of the player model began doing the rounds on social media and the official subreddit, and earlier today someone at EA did the community a solid by accidentally updating the landing page for Apex Legends on Origin a little early:

Image: Reddit

The reveal of Octane, who is expected to have a passive heal and an ability to sacrifice 10% health for a 30% speed boost, forced Respawn’s hand. The expectation was that Octane would be released along with Apex‘s battle pass, and the Origin store update – which is no longer live – led some to believe that it might be available later today.

But in a post on the official subreddit, Respawn explained that while the next legend was coming “very soon”, it wouldn’t be today.

Some Clarity Around Datamining and Season 1 from r/apexlegends

Another screenshot from the Origin page shows that Octane will be priced at 950 Apex coins, which is just shy of $12 in real-world currency. (It costs $12 for 1000 Apex coins.) It also notes that new weapons and loot will be added as part of the battle pass. Given the wording, we’ll probably know more about that out later this week.

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