The Only Tetris History You’ll Ever Need

The Only Tetris History You’ll Ever Need
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Did you know there was a Tetris game with a story mode?

It was Tetris Worlds, which launched on PC and the GBA in 2001 before hitting the GameCube, Xbox and PlayStation 2. It was all about sending your Tetrinaut to different worlds so you could find a home. For your fellow Mino Tetrinauts.

Yeah, it’s best not to ask. Amazingly, that wasn’t the weirdest version of Tetris imaginable: there was Tetris 4D, which is just Tetris in 2D.

Anyway, the history of Tetris has been recapped fairly quickly – and funnily – in Dunkey’s latest video. It’s actually a video about Tetris 99, but it actually recaps the majority of the previous Tetris games instead of talking about Tetris battle royale.

Tetris 99 really does need another song, though.


  • Dunkey’s video was great, but Digital Foundry also did an exceptional job documenting the progression of Tetris games, and for a more “serious” look is definitely worth a look

    • Yeah DF’s video came out around the time of Tetris Effect and has really good info.

      There’s also an excellent Game Historian video on the story behind the licensing snafu that led to Nintendo getting Tetris onto the Game Boy back in the 1980s.

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