The Price Of PS4 Exclusive Judgment Is Going Up In Japan

The Price Of PS4 Exclusive Judgment Is Going Up In Japan

Last week, Sega halted sales of PS4 exclusive Judgment after actor Pierre Taki was arrested on alleged drug charges. Taki is being replaced in various roles, and suddenly, the original release of Judgment looks like a collector’s item.

When the game first came out, it was priced at 8,953 yen ($112).

But that was before the game was pulled. So now, when stores sell out, like this one did (above), they won’t be getting any new shipments anytime soon.

This has caused prices to increase. Above, on the left is a photo taken on March 13, the day that Sega announced it was pulling the game. At retailer Geo, used copies were going for 5,480 yen ($69).

The photo on the right was taken the following day, after Geo could reset its prices. The price for a used copy had jumped to 7,480 yen ($94).

This Twitter user remarked at how expensive the game was priced at Geo!

Other shops are charging a premium on the original price. In the above tweet, it’s going for 9,241 yen ($117).

That’s actually not so bad, compared to these prices, which range from 12,980 yen ($163) to 14,567 yen ($184).

Or even 14,800 yen ($187) for a new copy.

Or 45,000 yen ($568)!

Used copies that people are reselling online are getting snapped up, and this original version is quickly becoming a collector’s item. 


  • But the instant you put it in they’ll push a patch to take his voice out anyway…

    • On Xbox (which this is not on), Updates are forced (if your connected online), but PS4 allows all games to be played while a game update downloads (and pausing it delays it indefinitely unless something un-pauses it). Not to mention just playing offline.

      These are rare because the original voice is still on it (for some people) and others, because you just can’t buy it at the moment.

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