Watch PlayStation’s ‘State Of Play’ Showcase Here

Watch PlayStation’s ‘State Of Play’ Showcase Here

Guess who’s doing an online Direct of their own? It’s PlayStation, and they’ve got a bunch of new PS4 and PSVR games to show off.

The show will kick off from 0800 AEDT / 0600 AWDT / 0730 ACST / 0700 AQST / 1000 NZDT and will feature “upcoming PS4 and PSVR software”. New trailers, announcements and gameplay footage have been promised, although Sony hasn’t said roughly long the presentation will run for.

In other words, it’s a PlayStation Direct! Which is awesome. I just wish Sony started doing these earlier. But hey, at least we can all enjoy that it’s at a pretty reasonable time, unlike that brutal early morning announcement for Google Stadia. (Or that Square Enix E3 conference at like 0100 or something absurd. That nearly killed me.)

You can find the YouTube embed below, as well as the PlayStation Twitch channel if you’d rather watch through that. Both streams will go live just before the stream begins.

So, upcoming PS4 reveals and gameplay. Some more Days Gone footage seems almost certain, this close to release, but I’d like to hear a little more on what Supermassive (Until Dawn) has been cooking up. And maybe we’ll even get more of an idea about what the hell is going on in Death Stranding.

More The Last of Us 2 would be nice, and now seems about the right time for Guerilla Games to show off whatever their next project after Horizon: Zero Dawn is. (More Ghost of Tsushima gameplay would be great, too.)

What would you like to see?


  • I’m excited to see more for the psvr. I bought mine at boxing day and have really enjoyed it but also acknowledge that it will never be *that* well supported. So hoping they announce a few more interesting titles (that use the aim controller pretty please). A release date for blood and honour or whatever its called would be cool too.

    • Well that was fun. Feeling pretty vindicated. Looking forward to blood and honour a lot. Sceptical how NMS will run in vr but I’ll still check it out of course.

  • Is it finally time to find out wtf Rocksteady are actually working on? That and Supermassive as mentioned above, I liked their VR games but even they said those were just fun side-projects. Dying to see their next big game.

  • I wouldn’t be setting my expectations too high for this. I suspect anything unannounced that Sony’s major first party studios are working on at this point would be for PS5. There’s a reason they’re skipping E3 this year, after all.

    I think they’re so far ahead that they’ve probably put the cue back in the rack for this generation. They’ll coast the rest of the way on 3rd party and some lower profile first party stuff (eg Days Gone and Dreams). Then when they announce PS5 at E3 in 2020 they can go all out with their big first party studios. An E3 announcement of PS5 including a new Horizon, new God of War, new Gran Turismo, Last of Us 2 (possibly cross generation with PS4), Death Stranding, etc all lined up for the first 12 – 18 months of the PS5’s lifespan would give them the best chance of continuing their dominance of this generation into the next one. They’ve got very little to gain from devoting major development resources to the PS4 at this point.

  • That was lackluster. I appreciate the direction. Nintendo does it well. But there wasn’t a lot to grip me. The only game was Concrete Genie which looks like a nice stylized update of Epic Mickey.

  • Like the Iron Man VR concept.

    But rest of the titles are mostly a meh from me. Especially Days Gone, could not care less about another Zombie apocalypse game. Over that genre entirely.

  • Absolute rubbish Sony what are you trying to smoke here?
    This Playstation State of Play livestream was shit.
    Sony what the hell are you thinking?!
    You cannot compete against Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct remember the time you guys launched the Playstation Classic and you used to try and copy Nintendo.
    Well guess what you guys have fucking failed and your State of Play livestream was rubbish.
    Sony stick it up your arse we cannot have another State of Play livestream this year you guys are going to fail.

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