What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes, you just want to grow a business from scratch.

I’ve had a hankering for more management sims of late, thanks to Motorsport Manager and my regular search for a cricket sim that doesn’t look like an Excel spreadsheet.

So the prospect of building a weed business from the ground up? That’s what Weedcraft Inc. offers. It’s a narrative-driven management sim about the process of building, rbeeding and selling weed in the United States, which has some interesting stories behind it despite the growing push for legalisation (even in the US).

Beyond that, I imagine most of the weekend is going to be fairly relaxed. My fiancee is coming home after a work trip tonight, so a bit of relaxing and judicious slow cooking sounds like a good way to unwind.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Batman Akrham Knight (on pc)

    Slept on it for awhile and recently picked it up for cheap, really enjoying it.
    I have the expansion version with all the DLC and i think for once I will actually chew through all the content available rather than giving up after a few weeks / months.

    Even finding myself using all the skins and swapping them out on the regular which is fun, i thought i would just look at them once and forget it.

    • if this game feels laggy, I would recommend finding a guide to change the framerate to 60.

      the fix made it so much better to play on PC

    • This is one of the few (single player) games I’ve pegged over 100 hours in, it was really good. (Didn’t do all the Riddler challenges though) Enjoy!

  • Division 2 still. Havent got as much time on it as I wanted this week, so the weekend is a good excuse to correct that. Or I might play poker, I dunno yet. That’s always an option.

  • Picking up Yoshi after work and will spend most of my time playing that along with a bit more Satisfactory when I need a change of pace. Been enjoying the game so far but might start again. I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I started but having picked up the basics, it might be fun to set things out properly this time.
    For now I just need to get through the afternoon in the office. The boss is leaving early this afternoon and I might just do the same 10 minutes later.

    • Pretty much this.
      I picked up Yoshi at lunch, so will be playing that with my kids.
      And my Satisfactory play through is slowly coming along, need more of everything…

  • Well I was planning on Grim dawn but the latest patch means I’ve gone from zero crashes to a CTD every 20 minutes so back to Fo4! 3900 hours and counting 😀

  • Playing Rage on PS3. Quite enjoying it. Playing on second-highest difficulty, which so far has been just right. Have made it into Wellspring and am doing driving stuff and souping up my vehicles. Satisfying gun-shooting as well. Graphics are pretty awesome for PS3!

    Grinding away at Dungeon Travelers 2 endgame content. I just passed 10,000 monster kills, so only 10,000 more until my platinum trophy (mind you, it took me over 200 hours to get the first 10,000…)

  • I’ll be hopefully finishing Sekiro this weekend. Of course that depends on how many difficult fights I encounter. It’s always hard to tell because sometimes I’ll hit a wall, bang my head against it until I git gud and then just breeze through bosses until the next wall.

  • Risk of rain 2, probably.

    I am trying not to play much this weekend as I have been too reclusive over the past few months.

    • Ooooh risk of rain 2 you say?

      Thank you for this info i was not aware there is a 2nd one out, looks good
      (granted i was a turret / missile scrub in the 1st game tho)

  • Most likely I will play The Division 2 on PS4 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PC

    I finally finished Red Dead 2 and Assassin Creed Odyssey this week so I might do some collection hunting in those game if i feel like it

  • I’m about to start Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition.

    I’ve heard good things, so I can’t wait to jump in.

  • The Exorcist Legion on PSVR. Scary stuff kids!
    Also a bit of Blackout., maybe check our Apex Legends (Im late to the party)

  • Post-weekend breakdown, seeing I was off work Friday:

    Played about three hours of Resident Evil 2 and tbh wasn’t really into it. Will probably let it go on the second hand market rather than continue. Also played some Yoshi’s Crafted World – it’s “fine” but tbh even the crafty look of the levels isn’t that great. Will probably continue to chip away at it as it’s easy to fill 15 minutes here and there.

    And finally started playing Shadow of War, after the average starts of RE2 and Yoshi. And so far so good! It basically feels like a Middle-Earth reskin of an Arkham game, so I’m down for that. Might stick with this one for a while :).

    Elsewhere had a board game night with some newbies on Saturday, got them into Splendor and Saboteur, both of which they loved. I explained how to play Splendor at first, and one of them actually said “OK but where’s the ‘fun’ in that…” and I literally had no idea how to respond. But he got right into it once we played.

    Plus we ate some 9+ score wagyu brisket, which was amaaaaazing

    Also I can’t wait until the current Foxtel sport ads on done with on Kotaku; it is very distracting to have the picture change any time I use the scroll wheel a little – to the point I am actively choosing to scroll ANY OTHER WAY just to stop it.

    • Oh! And also finally finished off the Destiny 2 Forsaken campaign, and played through after that into gaining access to the Dreaming City. I think I’m now done with Destiny for the time being until there is more campaign content – either another expansion after the seasons (if they do that) or possibly Destiny 3 next year I suppose. Ended around Power level 510

      • AND And played the sixth of the seven Shadow of the Tomb Raider DLCs. It was a busy weekend. Looking forward to next month’s final DLC release so it’s all finally dunzo. The monthly releases have all been pretty inconsequential. I think they would have been better played through as part of the main game rather than after the fact. Likely for a GOTY edition later this year.

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