What Wolfenstein Looks Like Without BJ Blazkowicz

What Wolfenstein Looks Like Without BJ Blazkowicz
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So, what exactly does an ’80s themed Wolfenstein look like? The latest Wolfenstein: Youngblood trailer has some clues.

Due out on July 26 on PC, PS4, Switch and the Xbox One, Youngblood‘s core hook is that it focuses on the daughters of BJ Blazkowicz, who went missing in Nazi-occupied Paris. His daughters Jess and Soph figure that nobody’s really going act on their own accord, and since they’re fine with suiting up and inciting a bit of exosuit-powered insurrection, it’s off to Paris we go.

The exosuits are starting to look like something out of Call of Duty. And in a neat twist, the Deluxe edition of the game includes a pass so you can invite a friend to play through the co-op campaign with you for free. If you’re playing solo, however, you’ll be supported by an AI companion.


    • Yeah, I have to kind of agree with you on this one. Loved New Order and The Old Blood. Didn’t even finish The New Colossus, was struggling with the story quite a bit – I wasn’t enjoying it, there wasn’t that much compelling me to continue. Maybe it was the state of mind I was in at the time, I don’t know. I just found so many aspects of the game to be off somehow (I felt it strayed too far from what made the previous two games great). The trailer for this game doesn’t fill me with much hope, either. I might go back to The New Colossus and see if it will be any different the second time around, although I doubt it (unfortunately).

      • Agree. Loved TNO & Old blood, not so much New Colossus, it’s felt a bit out tune with the predecessors. Still was a fun romp. Not sure if you played to to the New Orleans chapter , that was the highlight for me & worth the price of admission.

        • Played past that part. I tired to give it a serious go, hoping that it would click or shift gears for me, but it just wasn’t happening. It actually upset me a bit because I had really high hopes for the series, that I would love every game along the way. TNC was definitely a stumble IMO.

    • No worse than previous entries. These games have always been over the top and dumb without an ounce of subtlety. It’s one of the reasons they are so fun 😛

  • Definitely getting a Stranger Things vibe from the soundtrack even if it is a bit more up-tempo. In any case, looking forward to this one.

  • Co-op Wolfenstein, i’m down for that, even if it’s not conventional. I don’t care too much about the voice acting and so on, the gunplay in the Wolfenstein games has always been top-notch so as long as that’s intact, i’m happy.

  • Looks like this is the year of Bethesda as a Publisher. Rage 2, YoungBloods and possibly Doom Eternal comming out this year

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