What Wolfenstein Looks Like Without BJ Blazkowicz

So, what exactly does an ’80s themed Wolfenstein look like? The latest Wolfenstein: Youngblood trailer has some clues.

Due out on July 26 on PC, PS4, Switch and the Xbox One, Youngblood‘s core hook is that it focuses on the daughters of BJ Blazkowicz, who went missing in Nazi-occupied Paris. His daughters Jess and Soph figure that nobody’s really going act on their own accord, and since they’re fine with suiting up and inciting a bit of exosuit-powered insurrection, it’s off to Paris we go.

The exosuits are starting to look like something out of Call of Duty. And in a neat twist, the Deluxe edition of the game includes a pass so you can invite a friend to play through the co-op campaign with you for free. If you’re playing solo, however, you’ll be supported by an AI companion.


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