What Your Favourite Apex Legends Character Says About You

What Your Favourite Apex Legends Character Says About You

Apex Legends is a game where players choose from a selection of different heroes. Each of these characters has different abilities and outfits. While you can choose a different hero each match, many players choose to main one or two characters. So what does your preferred legend say about you as a person? Let’s find out.

So Your Favourite Character Is Lifeline…

You are a good person. I don’t know anything about you beyond the fact you read Kotaku Australia. However, if you choose Lifeline in most matches I can confidently say you are a great human being. You like to help folks. You see someone struggling or in need and you jump into action.

You’re the person who wants to always help when something bad happens. Oh no! A man has fallen down the stairs! Don’t worry, you are there and you are totally going to help. Or at least not laugh at the dude. Which is good of you too.

So Your Favourite Character Is Bloodhound…

Mysterious and quiet is your whole thing. You don’t like to be the centre of attention. No, instead you prefer to watch from afar. You are the type of player who never wears a headset. Pinging is what you prefer and you ping everything, especially if it relates to enemies.

You also love to observe situations. You are the person who your friends rely on when someone eats someone else’s lunch at work. You look for clues, dig around the trash and eventually give up because you couldn’t find anything. But you tried and that matters.

So Your Favourite Character Is Pathfinder…

You love to have fun! Life is a blast when you think about it. I mean, you have this awesome grapple hook, why wouldn’t you be happy. While your teammates are climbing ladders and mantling up cliffs, you just zip up there and start pinging stuff they might want.

But you don’t want to hog all the fun, you love to share some fun with your squad. Pop down a zip line and watch as your teammates fly down it towards your next loot location. You are the person who will willingly share the last slice of pizza or let a friend get another turn in GTA 3 after their last rampage ended quickly.

So Your Favourite Character Is Caustic…

Sometimes people suck. Sometimes you just wish you could be alone and never deal with another idiot. Like Caustic, you really wish you could place some poison traps while you are at work so that annoying dude doesn’t come by your area AGAIN. You don’t care about Game of Thrones, but does he care? Nope.

You also really like planning. Setting up a nice trap is what you love. You love waiting for teammates to lure some idiots into a room and then you run in and place some traps and cackle as you run back out. You could shoot them, but you rather let them suffer. You might be a bit messed up.

So Your Favourite Character Is Mirage…

You are quite the trickster. When others roll their eyes at a lame April Fool’s Day prank, you laugh. In fact, you’ve pulled off some great pranks before. Bamboozling is something you just love to do and you won’t apologise for it.

You are a smooth operator too. You love to flirt and you don’t care who knows it. Maybe you flirt too much? Nah. You flirt just the right amount, thank you very much. You also REALLY dig holograms, but most folks do.

So Your Favourite Character Is Bangalore…

Winning and killing are what you crave. You aren’t here to dig around every locker and box while searching for a perfect attachment. You are here to kill as many folks as you can. Give you a gun and you are ready to go.

You go to a party and win every hand of poker or at least most of them. Some might call you over aggressive or reckless, but this is a game about shooting people and winning, right? This is how Apex Legends is played. You ping when you can, but you know what’s better than ping: A kill. And you want more kills.

So Your Favourite Character Is Gibraltar…

Look, winning isn’t everything. It is nice, but you are here to have fun and meet some new friends. “Come over here folks,” you say. “And hide in my bubble shield.”

You know all the debate about hitboxes and how your main character is at a disadvantage in some ways compared to smaller ones. But whatever, you’re here to have fun and help some folks out. You get along well with Lifelines.

So Your Favourite Character Is Wraith…

You gotta get moving. You always want to move. Never stop moving. Gotta go fast. You speed to loot and use teleporting to get ahead even faster. You help when you can, but if someone is moving too slow you leave them behind.

Other folks might hate you, but you don’t care. Folks might call you overpowered or annoying, but they just need to get better. They’re just jealous of you.

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