A Game About Fixing Cables By Peeing On Them

A Game About Fixing Cables By Peeing On Them
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For a family-friendly console, the eShop sure has some wild shit on there.

It’s called Safety First, and it’s a game you can grab on the eShop for $4.50. It pitches itself as a game about fixing “high voltage cable breaks with your Magical Yellow Repair Liquid“.

That yellow liquid is piss, FYI.

The initial hook is that dumb laugh – like something you’d see on Kongregate a decade ago – but the game is actually a fun little physics puzzler. In an almost Stair Dismount-esque fashion, you control the left and right feet of a character as they try to plug all the electrical problems.

The character has weight, so most of the time you’re really trying to maintain balance. And because there’s not a huge amount of gravity, you’re also able to jump from one platform to another. You’ve got plenty of room to recover, which allows for off-screen saves like this one:

The initial levels are mostly about getting accustomed to walking up stairs, uneven platforms, and squeezing between ledges. Future levels might ask you to balance on a trampoline, carry a ball of piss (what else could it be?) up high, or manipulate a catapult. One particularly fun level gives you two characters that share the same controls, but only one has a broken … wire. In their head.

So basically you have to pee in some bloke’s head to pass the level.

It’s the kind of weird and bizarre game that you’d ordinarily expect to see on Steam somewhere. Steam’s becoming less and less the place for that, though, with the eShop increasingly filled with oddball titles like Safety First. It’s the kind of game most people would probably ignore, but at five bucks it’s well worth a look. Especially when it’s good fun for at least an hour or two.


  • It’s the kind of weird and bizarre game that you’d ordinarily expect to see on Steam somewhere. Steam’s becoming less and less the place for that…Erm, it is on Steam. The Switch is just getting a lot more PC ports because the audience is the kind that buys up indie games in between waiting for Nintendo releases, just like the Vita ended up basically surviving on PC indie game ports and JRPGs until the Switch came along.

    It’s reaching a bit of a saturation point now though as the eShop is experiencing something akin to the goldrush when mobile app stores first came out. If Nintendo is really serious about their 23 games a week target they’re going to have to fix their storefront otherwise the lack of discoverability is going to have a negative effect.

    • The eShop definitely needs an update to deal with the volume of content. And while I know it’s on Steam, the point was more about the kinds of games that are coming out on Steam every week (as I see with the TWIG post each Monday). It’s getting real barren.

      But that’s clumsy wording on my part, so thanks for calling it out.

    • Anything remotely good gets a launch trailer on the Nintendo youtube channel. Scrolling through there gives a good idea of what’s out.

    • I wish my installation was that easy!!

      Bastards stuffed it up not once but twice, digging up my driveway three damn times and I still don’t have NBN.
      They connected one unit out of 6 and it was the middle one.

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