After Saying Avengers Endgame Spoilers, Man Reportedly Attacked

After Saying Avengers Endgame Spoilers, Man Reportedly Attacked
Image: Marvel,Image: LIHKG

People sure don’t like new movies spoiled. One man in Hong Kong found that out the hard way after reportedly suffering a beating for ruining Avengers: Endgame.

According to Asia One and TVBS (via The River), the incident went down at a cinema in Hong Kong’s Causeway. A man got bloodied up after exiting the film and loudly saying spoilers near the theatre’s entrance.

The man (in white) can be seen in the image below which has been circulating on social networking sites.

Image: LIHKG

Online, some questioned the story’s validity, but according to Asia One, those who were at the same cinema said they heard someone loudly spoiling the film at the movie’s entrance.

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  • Serves him fucking right. The dickbags who loudly spread spoilers for massively-anticipated new releases (starting with the infamous “Snape kills Dumbledore!” guy) are just pathetic spiteful trolls, aiming to do nothing more than upset as many total strangers as they possibly can for no reason other than being a douchebag and upsetting people they’ve never met before makes them feel good. Getting the shit kicked out of him is the LEAST he deserves.

  • If you’re someone who genuinely enjoys ruining things for other people, such as the secretive plot of a video game or a film that people are super passionate about and really, really want to see… and you’re ruining it for them, well… you really deserve to be punched in the face.

    We live in a world where a lot of places allow you the opportunity to say what you want. “Free speech”, basically. What a lot of people don’t understand, is that there can potentially be consequence for the things you say, and if there are consequences, you have to face them.

    Free speech shouldn’t make you feel entitled to be a massive dick head and get away with it.

      • Assault is not okay.

        However, if you’re someone who thinks they can say whatever they like, especially if it’s to deliberately upset or/and provoke people and get away with it? That’s a huge, arrogant mistake.

        My point is, there may be consequences as a result from the things you do or/and say, and if there are consequences, you need to be prepared to face them.

        Don’t get me wrong, the person who assaulted the other person (“the spoiler”, I suppose), they are most likely going to face consequences themselves, in the form of legal action, and if they haven’t or don’t, then they should be facing consequences.

    • Cool so I can just punch you in the face repeatedly if you ever say something that ruins something for me. Cool. let me know where you live so I can meet you there.

      Seriously people like you actually disgust me. that is something I don’t like admitting about anyone. In fact I hate the fact that I can say that so easily. people like you who think violence is justified over something so petty are disgusting.

      • I feel that you’ve completely missed my point, and while you’re saying that I “disgust” you because of my initial post, I think it’s actually quite concerning that you’re asking me on a public forum where I live, so you can come travel to see me to “repeatedly punch me in the face”. Sarcasm or not.

        I never said physical assault is okay.

        As I said to @nabootheenigma above, assault is not okay. However, if you are the kind of person who thinks they can say whatever they like to other people, especially to try and deliberately upset or/and provoke them, and think you can get away with it? That’s an incredibly arrogant attitude and disrespectful to people around you.

        People need to understand that there can (and sometimes, will) be consequences to your actions. As I said, if you’re someone (like “the spoiler” in the article) who is deliberately trying to upset or/and provoke others, and someone decides to hurt you as a resulting response to what you’re doing, then, well… it’s unfortunate that someone decided to do that to you, but it wouldn’t have happened to you in the first place if you weren’t purposely trying to upset or/and provoke people, now would it?

        People need to be responsible, mature and accountable for their words and actions. They should consider those around them before saying or/and doing what they have in mind. The guy who got assaulted, it’s unfortunate that he was hurt, it really is, but it would not have happened if he was being a responsible and mature adult to begin with.

        Did this guy have to shout spoilers about a movie he’s already seen, to a crowd of people, at the movie theatre, who are about to go see said movie for themselves? No. Not at all. He didn’t have to, but he made that choice. Why did he make that choice? Who knows. Regardless, someone made their own choice in response, a bad choice, and hurt him for it.

        Long story short, TL;DR: You can’t be a jerk to people and expect to get away with it. It’s not hard at all to be nice to others and do the right thing. Assault is not okay, but if you’re a jerk to people, expect consequences.

        • No you can’t be a jerk and expect to get away with it. you also can’t go around assaulting people over something so petty. I couldn’t give a damn about words. someones words like spoilers are NEVER something to assault someone over. That you think that it’s just the natural course of things that is as good as supporting the assaulters and that does disgust me.

          by the way if it wasn’t obvious the first paragraph was sarcasm to highlight the absurdity over assaulting someone because they said something you don’t like. apparently that went over your head to.

          Look, I may have been a little heated before. Sorry. I just can’t stand when people either support this violence or just accept it as inevitable. It’s passive, lazy and reeks of not caring about others. it get’s to me. Maybe I went a little far but, seriously I hate that people just accept assault because he didn’t keep his mouth shut. there are parrallels to ther crimes there but, I’m not touching that with Victoria sized pole.

          • Thank you for your apology, I appreciate it. Yes, I understood your sarcasm was sarcasm, but you’re certainly not wrong by any means. Assault is wrong.

            My overall point is is that people need to be responsible about their own words and actions. It’s arrogant and rude of people to think they can say or do whatever they like and get away with it. If it upsets, offends or provokes someone with their words or/and actions, they may need to deal with the consequences.

            As for the person who hurt the spoiler-person at the movies, they too will need to deal with the consequences as they did the wrong thing, hopefully in the form of the law.

            A good, somewhat relevant example I can think of… I was at a Japanese restaurant with my friends. One of my friends is half Filipino. He made so many racist, stereotypical Japanese and general Asian jokes at this restaurant. I’m not Asian, but I said to him that he should cut it out, and he responded “Why? I’m half-Asian, it’s okay.”

            I explained to him that no, it’s not okay, because it doesn’t matter what his nationality is. If he’s making fun of someone/something and if someone gets upset at him (my friend), then it’s up to him to deal with the consequences that he could potentially face, and because we were all with him, we too could face consequences for actions we did not cause.

            Another example… a mate of mine tried to provoke a drunk person into fighting him. I told my friend to back off and leave the guy alone, and he said “It’s okay, you do judo.” (I’m a judoka of 11 years) and again, it’s another “No, it’s not okay” situation, because my friend assumed that I would eagerly help him and who knows what that drunken guy could have been capable of, been carrying on his person etc.

            People do not think before they speak or/and do, and they need to. People need to show a bit of compassion, some common sense, and must understand that there can be consequences for their words and/or actions.

  • Maybe he had second thoughts about what he’d done, and so travelled back in time and punched himself in the face?

  • I had a small snippet of the ending of Endgame spoiled a couple days ago in YouTube’s comments section. F#cking morons. The overall ending wasn’t ruined but I could’ve done without it.

    • It’s what I really hate when travelling the Internet.
      Articles about the films/games and comments discussing them are one thing but folks who go around posting direct spoilers in weird places should get their own place in hell, a new tenth circle below that reserved for betrayers.

  • Neither side is right.
    It’s sh*tty for someone to spoil anything for people passionate about something. But it’s also sh*tty to beat into that someone because of it.

  • At my local cinema the queue to get into the cinema was out the front door and into the carpark. My friends were in that queue while I was in the snack bar line. They told me after the movie that someone in the carpark had yelled out who died as they were driving off. They’d hoped they were just being jerks but turned out they were intentionally spoiling it for everyone within earshot. People suck.

  • It’s a damn film.

    I wouldn’t give away spoilers. It’s a shitty thing to do. Someone did that with a book to me once. I just sucked it up and read the damn book. Still enjoyed it. Didn’t punch anyone.

    You’ve got to have a seriously good reason to resort to physicality. That is not a good reason.

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