Anime Pokémon Compared With The New CG Movie Version

Screenshot: 2ch

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is the first full-CG animated Pokémon feature film. We’ve already seen how the computer graphic versions of the classic trainers looked. Let’s now see how scenes from the anime stack up.

Recently, a new Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution trailer was released.

Via 2ch, here’s how scenes in it compare with their original anime counterparts.

Image: 2ch
Screenshot: 2ch


    The cartoon version shows way more character and emotion.

    I'm not loving the CG here. Ash, Brock and Misty look like they're about 4 years old and all the faces look kinda weird to me. But whatever, I wasn't planning to watch it anyway and I'm sure it'll still be a good time for those who do.

    It's not that CGI movies are bad, but this is a bad example of CGI lol

    matt1234 The Pokemon Mewtwo strikes back evolution CGI movie may be bad but I think I like the original Kids WB movie animated movie of Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back.
    I mean we all love Mewtwo he mega evolves into Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y I love Mewtwo as but Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.
    No way dude not going to go see it.

    Considering that the Japanese trailer had it's comments disabled on YouTube after a day it shows most think this change in animation sucks. Especially when compared to the upcoming Dragon Quest.

    My issue is less with the character style but more so with the shot style. The Camera placement for many shots just look horrible. The pikachu fighting pikachu especially. Just flat and in no way "in the best place to tell the story" as most films would seem to try.

    Nintendo gone cheap on the cgi it seems.

    I also think traditional animation isn't regarded as well as it should be when it comes to movies

    Oh god. Undo.

    Clearly the Pokemon company has fallen on hard times... T_T

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