Civilization Artist Gets Civ 6 Looking Like Civ 5

I think Civilization VI looks amazing, but its slightly cartoony visuals - especially when it comes to the environments - may not be for everyone. If that’s you, and you prefer the more muted colour palette of Civilization V, then today you are in luck.

As PCGamesN report, Brian Busatti was an art director on Civ VI, and was recently challenged by his colleagues to try and completely convert the game’s environment using only the same modding tools that are available to fans, as a showcase for what’s possible.

He came up with a mod - now available on the Steam Workshop - that basically changes every aspect of Civ VI’s environment so that it looks like the world of Civ VI, from swapping in different textures on things like the ocean to completely redesigning the game’s forests (which now look amazing).

It doesn’t work with Gathering Storm (but does work with every version up to it), so if you’d like to try it out, and can spare the 2.4GB needed to download and install, you can get it here.


    I much preferred the art style in Civ 5 compared to Civ 6, so this is nice, but it doesn't do much to fix all the other problems with the game.

    Granted, I haven't picked up the expansion packs yet, but that's partly because none of them/none of the accompanying patches seemed to actually address the things that made the game less fun than Civ 5.

      I find the Civ games a little frustrating. On the one hand, each version has progressively been a little worse with core aspects than the one before, since Civ 2. On the other hand, every single one is still an incredible game in its own right.

      If I look at each Civ game on its own, every one is worth playing and worth playing for a long time. Its only when I compare them to each other that they fall down, and that's the problem.

      We all have our favourite Civ game (as above, that'd be Civ 2 for me), and that sets the standard. Then every other one tinkers with whichever formula you prefer, and that tinkering breaks it for us.

    Two errors in this article you might want to fix. One is that the steam workshop page says the mod supports gathering storm but this article states it doesn't. Second is this sentence: that basically changes every aspect of Civ VI’s environment so that it looks like the world of Civ Vi.

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