Community Review: 2019 So Far

The first quarter is done and dusted, and with it the first round of major indies and releases. So rather than focusing on a single title for today's Community Review, let's take stock of 2019 so far.

It hasn't been too bad year so far, all things considered. Outside of the extremities - huge successes like Apex Legends and debacles like what happened with Anthem - the quality has been consistently good.

Resident Evil 2 set a nice bar with one of the most faithful and assured remasters in modern times. Wargroove promised Advance Wars with a cute dog, and delivered both those things in spades. Ace Combat 7 quietly did its thing with by bringing arcade flight shooters back, and of all things, Tetris 99 ended up being one of the best takes on the battle royale genre in ages.

Resident Evil 2: The Kotaku Review

There’s a lot to love about the new Resident Evil 2, from its brash bloodiness to the wide variety of experiences packed into the game. Looking over the wreckage of my playthroughs, my own feelings are complicated.

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Tetris 99 Is Completely Insane

If you found yourself questioning why anyone would turn Tetris into a battle royale, here is your answer.

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Players Are Making Advance Wars And Fire Emblem Maps Inside Wargroove

Wargroove is an excellent spiritual successor to the Advance Wars series, and in keeping with the tradition of those games, it comes complete with a robust map editor that players can use to make all sorts of interesting stuff., One player used it to remake the campaign from the original Advance Wars.

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The blockbusters of 2019 managed to stick their landings - for the most part - as well. The Division 2 has had a relatively smooth launch across all platforms, and Devil May Cry 5 was a ton of fun despite the dated level design. Metro Exodus was a solid addition to the survival shooter series that has gotten more robust since launch, and Sekiro has been beloved from the day it launched. And that's not to forget Trials Rising, Steins;Gate Elite, Jump Force, Far Cry New Dawn, the dumb explosions of Crackdown 3, or the return of brutal rally racing in DiRT Rally 2.0.

I'm Playing Sekiro Like A Total Coward

A long time ago, someone gave me a piece of advice that's remained true even today. The way people play video games is often an expression of their personality. Arrogant, brash types tend to be more aggressive, take more risks. Shy and retiring types tend to hold back a little more, often filling the support-type role. As for me? I tend to be overly reckless. Which isn't great when you fire up a game like Sekiro.

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A Small Thing The Division 2 Does Really Well

Video games are so often about maintaining one illusion or another.

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You Don't Have To Know One Piece To Enjoy World Seeker

Monkey D. Luffy creeps me out. I’ve tried getting to know the main character of the popular manga and anime series many times, but his blank stare and creepy grin have put me right off One Piece every time. Now that’s I’ve had some time stretching, spinning, and leaping my way across Jail Island as the boy pirate in One Piece: World Seeker, I’m starting to warm to the little freak.

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Thing is - what's your favourite game of the quarter so far? I've put together a poll below: you can vote for up to three games, or nominate anything that's left off the list. And beyond the games mentioned, how have you found 2019 in gaming so far?


    Resident Evil 2 by a long margin. I’m assuming by the articles wording you don’t consider it a blockbuster for 2019?

      Blockbuster is shorthand for AAA, specifically the budget and size of the team working on it. So Monster Hunter: World would def. be a AAA production, like Anthem or The Division 2. Resi Evil 2, not so much, although that doesn't mean it's any less lower in quality or enjoyable.

        You are right - you can tell the parts where the game was somewhat compromised by the smaller budget, still, it was a worthy successor.

    I haven't played a single new game yet this year. Most of my time has been split between Battlefield 5 and finishing off Persona 5. Just finished Wolfenstein 2 on the weekend, will probably move on to Yakuza Kiwami next.

    I'll definitely get around to Sekiro at some point. And probably some or all of RE2, Ace Combat 7 and Dirt Rally 2,but god only knows when. Maybe 2021 :P

    Finished Sekiro on the weekend. Holy hell do I need some breathing space after that. I usually dive straight back into a Souls game to go another round with a different build but my poor nerves and controller need a break. Great but so stressful, moreso than any of the others I have played.

    For the two weeks I played Anthem I loved it for what it was, warts and all. I got my money's worth and moved on. Same with Division 2. No regrets, had a blast, maxed out and moved on.

    Haven't got my hands on DMC5 or RE2 yet but they are next on my want list. But I also finally picked up Dragon's Crown for the PS4 (never played the PS3 version) and that has been an entertaining side game.

      I'm going to try and finish Sekiro, despite being very disgruntled about its demands that I 'git gud' with no crutches whatsoever, but it's definitely not a 'relaxation' game. When I've had a shithouse week packed to the gills with demands on my time and willpower, Sekiro is not going to help me unwind. Div2, however...

        I beg to differ about Sekiro. While it's not exactly a stress-free game, it's easily the most relaxed I've felt playing a FromSoft game, despite being the hardest. Unlike DS and Bloodborne, Sekiro feels a lot fairer in terms of gameplay. Yeah, it's hard; but it always feels fair and doesn't have many bullshit enemies hiding ready to attack you, or ridiculous movesets.

    Definitely disappointing for me but not all that surprising as I seem to really have fallen out of love with AAA games of late with them increasingly seeming to blend into each other and become a mush of genres & live service stuff. I guess the fact i find myself back playing Suikoden on Vita speaks volumes of my opinion on the other stuff available right now?
    It’s not me trying to be ‘edgy’ or ‘contrarian’ I just really do find it hard to get excited by yet another Ubisoft open world with dull & repetitive mission structures or online shooters that are just rinse-repeat gameolay loops. Fwiw i liked the gameplay of Division 2 which took my by complete surprise, but 10 hours into it i have little desire to load it back up as it’s so same same...

    I probably sound like a right miserable get writing this but that sums up how i feel about my favourite hobby perfectly right now? TV & movies still excite me but new game announcements that wow seem to be increasingly infrequent, with the inspiring ones often having the dark cloud of micro transactions floating overhead to further diminish any excitement.

    Pretty meh Q1 for me personally with the exception of RE2make. I feel like with how meh its all been and the upcoming Epic 1 year exclusives that I might try and reduce my pile of shame though.

    For me it has been Baba is You
    Although I have been very limited and might have been the only release this year I have played. I adore metro so that might take the spot eventually

    I also have Yoshi's crafted world which I am sure I will love, but mostly for trying to replicate the levels during art and craft time

    Let's see: Capcom seems to be going well with Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2. Ubisoft should be pleased with the reception of Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Microsoft and Google are going all in with streaming games on my phone and other such devices which I'm fine with.

    Activision and EA, well. At least, Apex Legends is good and From Software seems to know how to keep a publisher at bay from messing up a good formula.

    Sekiro easily. Like God of War last year, it's an early GOTY contender and I don't see much challenging it down the track later in the year

    Game-wise its been a bit meh to me so far. Anthem still isn't where it should be, but getting there, and really there haven't been (m)any other games that have gotten my attention. The Division 2 has, and that's living up to expectations, so its not all bad, but outside of that I just haven't been able to get excited about any games so far.

    Personal-wise though, its been a year of change. Redundancy at work has meant I can effectively retire at 48, which is never a bad thing. Still a couple of weeks before the actual date, but its all but locked in at this point.

    Still deciding what I'll do with myself when the final day is behind me, but it wont be working for a while. Am thinking of making a game or 5, see how I go. Worst case scenario is I spend a few years learning something. Best case, I come up with something that makes me squillions!!!

    It's funny, even though I fucking loathe the games mechanics and can't bring myself to trudge through the tentacle floors AGAIN to pick up my lantern and loot, but Below is probably the game I crushed on the most this year. Just it's vibe, presentation, mood. I was so close to finishing it but one moment of carelessness means more resource gathering that I just can't be arsed doing again. Sigh, I do regard it as something truly special, just so so flawed.

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